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What is e-learning?

The word e-learning itself tells you to learn something through electronic devices and gadgets. The evolution of the education system has fastened up in the last 5 years before there is a process that students need to go to school or college to complete their education and get a certificate. But now you can sit at home and enjoy your education through online courses or classes. You know there won't be any particular time to attend a class you can study whenever you want but sometimes you have to attend particular online classes at a time. Even this model replaced the traditional way of teaching and teachers. With all the advanced technology students are learning in more effective ways. 


Growth of the learning management system:

As per the CAGR (compound annual growth rate), the learning management system is anticipated to grow by 20.5% from 2019 to 2025 to reach .1 billion by 2025. Especially North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific have major e-learning business development. With the development of technology, the internet system, usage of mobiles, and gadgets more vendors and startups are coming to enlarge the e-learning management system. 

Now we came to know what a learning management system is and its growth in the global market. Let’s dive into how to develop a website for a learning management system like Udemy?


How to develop a website like Udemy? 

When you search on google or on any search engine about the e-learning site you will see lots of search results showing about Udemy, Coursera, Khan Academy, edX, and skillshare. In that one of the best platforms is Udemy. 


Primary Features of Udemy Website:

Ample of courses:

Udemy is one of the largest libraries in the e-learning community. This library contains 13 departments of education from code learning to Music. Every department consists of subcategories to choose the right education of interest to the student. 

Connect through all internet device :

Yes, everyone can access Udemy on website browsers, tablets, android, and iOS applications. No need to worry about having a particular system. 

Free and less tuition fee:

In the largest library of Udemy people can choose different courses at different prices. A few courses are free, basically, it is estimated 10% of the Udemy courses are free, a wide range of courses cost up to 200$ and rarely a few courses may cost up to 1000$. But most of the courses are available at the best cost to purchase. 

Guarantee money back:

After enrolling in a course and students think that the course is not so knowledgeable and can't pursue the content Udemy will return back your amount 100% if it is before the 30 days of enrollment. 

Access to courses enrolled: 

Here if the student can access all the courses they have enrolled for, they can revise the course unlimited times on their profiles. 

Review and rating from students:

Review and rating of the students to an instructor or for a course is very important because of past reviews only the new students will get confidence to enroll in the course doubtlessly. 

Expertise Instructors: 

Udemy will strive to give the best solution and education classes to their students. They will never compromise with the instructor. Instructors have to be knowledgeable and professional members who will have years of experience in teaching to students. 

Completion certificate:  

After completion of the course, the instructor will provide you with a certificate of completion for the course. But sometimes the value of a certificate may be questionable. The student needs to carefully look after the instructor and reputation. 


Benefits of being an instructor on Udemy: 

Earning from tuition fee:

Udemy instructors can earn money in 2 ways. One you will receive tuition fees from a new enrollment with 100% and second, the exciting enrollment will receive 50% of the tuition fee. 

Set your own pricing: 

According to the market rate, the instructor can set the pricing of the course according to their wish. But there will be a set of instructions to decide the price. 

Best technology platform:

The instructor no need to develop a specific platform, this will help the instructor to place the tutorial. You can easily create, publish, and promote. 

Brand Marketing: 

For instructors, there won’t be necessary to spend the amount on branding and marketing specifically. With the Udemy partnership, you can market the course to the public. 

I hope the reader(you) got an overview of the features of Udemy. We will go to pricing.


How much will it cost to develop a Udemy website? 

Well, it totally depends on the various factors and features and panel of the website. Let’s get into the details of the pricing. 

  1. Locations of the company: We know what are you thinking in mind, how can the location of the company be the factor. It will be the factor because if the company is based in the USA the price will be according to their currency and maybe the cost will be a bit high. When it comes to India the currency value is less and the product will be at an affordable cost. 

  2. No. of platforms: The cost will also depend on the platforms you want to develop. If you want only the website it will cost one price, if you want to develop on both websites and apps it will be at another price. 

  3. The requirement of the website: 

According to the requirement of the website the business analyst team will see the features you need, technology to use, and considers the UX and UI of the website the prices of the website will be charged. 



eLearning is one of the booming businesses in the world. While you are choosing a web or mobile app development company look for various factors and certifications of the company. Remember to research well on other products available in the market for the best solution to your business. 


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