Some awesome advantages of leasing a car over buying a car

Posted by Jacob Scott on November 9th, 2020


Many of us are torn by the dilemma of whether to buy the first car or lease it. If you have just started your career (even if you are half way through it) and if you have a huge appetite for cars and change, and if you are one of those who are torn between the above-mentioned choices, this article is for you. This article tells you why leasing is the right choice for you. This article details all the things that you may or may not know, but you are quite hesitant to confront them. The following is a short list of advantages of leasing a car over buying a car. For car leasing in Essex and for car leasing in Oxfordshire, consider PJ Car Leasing.

When you lease you avoid tying your money:-

A car is a big investment. If truth be told it is a kind of investment with high depreciation value (in percentage), this is because it requires maintenance, which is absolutely important. Sometimes it can even become more of a liability if outcome-to-depreciation ratio is less or zero or in fraction. Also, would you want an investment which sits outside your house only to depreciate over time. Most certainly not. This is something that the younger generation understands. And for them, leasing is a much viable option.

You can control your monthly expenditure on your car:-

This is a major advantage of leasing a car. When you are leasing a car, the monthly expenditure on the car is known or clear. For instance, you know that there will be some expenditure on fuel (which you can easily estimate, based on your average monthly use of the car) and insurance. Other than these two the varying expenditures such as on road fund license, breakdown cover, maintenance cost, etc, will come under one umbrella. This is very useful as you can easily keep track of the expenses and you can control it since you know where and how much you are spending on a monthly basis.

The hassle of the MoT can easily be avoided:-

You should be knowing that for cars there is no annual MoT roadworthiness check in the initial three years. It is only after the third year that Mot is required. But when you lease a car, you will not have that car for that long, which means the car is no longer your responsibility and hence no MoT. So, this plays out as an advantage.

Get done with monopoly of the dealers:-

As we have mentioned before, these leasers are basically car brokers who bring you’re the most optimal rates by studying the eb and flow of the market. They basically keep on reviewing the market and this is a very good advantage as it destabilizes the monopoly of the dealers in the market.
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