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Posted by Keith Morris on November 9th, 2020

The terminologies of the infection and immunity are complex and quite integrated with each other. There can be lots of complications that can arise even through the thorough reading of the textbooks and materials. 

When you try to understand something, the terms and concepts first get unclear, then the picture starts to form varied details that explain everything. 

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What are infection and immunity?

The subject of infection and immunity is quite complicated, and it is expected to raise the questions while writing the assignments. 

Infection happens when an individual comes in contact with any disease-causing agent. 

Two types of infection

  1. Viral Infection

  2. Bacterial Infection

Primary and opportunistic pathogens 

Primary pathogens are pathogens which can cause the infection in the healthy individual previously

Opportunistic Pathogens don't give harm to their host.

The immune system helps against microbes and helps to safeguard the body.

There are two types of immunity 

Natural Immunity- It is the immunity that a person has inherited from the ancestors. Three types are-

  1. Species 

  2. Racial

  3. Individual 

  4. Acquired immunity- It is the immunity that has been acquired after birth.

  5. Active Immunity 

  6. Passive Immunity 

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You can very well figure about the basic idea of bacterial infection yourself in this great pandemic. When all we can do is find the ways to avoid it. The instructions are quite clear, and we have to protect ourselves. So, doing the assignments is the last thing to worry about, but life is going on, and students and teachers have to carry on with the learning process.

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