Why Outdoor Window Blinds are Popular?

Posted by mickjones220 on April 5th, 2014

Do you often neglect your exteriors? Remodel your home for better. Get privacy and controlled light with outdoor window blinds.

How do you use your room? Is it the living area or your bedroom? Do you have control over your interiors and privacy? You must have control over the sunlight entering your home. In severe weather conditions, you must protect your interiors. It is your home, live it!

Outdoor window blinds offer privacy, controlled light and liven your home. While remodeling a home, 25% people do not consider installing a the window blinds. Why? Because they believe blinds are expensive.

It is not true.

Here’s why installing window blinds is a good thing. 

Protection against Unwanted Elements: Summers and winters are tough months. Summers heat your home and winter’s send cold winds. Sun can be damaging to your expensive furniture. Installing aluminium blinds save you from wrapping the original blinds with tin foil. They are durable and affordable. 

Dust Protection: Tired of cleaning heaps of dust everyday? Install blinds. They protect dust from entering from your home. It is an ancient practice to install blinds. Storms and heavy winds bring dust along.

Close blinds and save your home. 

Helps improving home’s aesthetics: Blinds add up as beauty shades of your home. Different blind sizes and colors offer wide range for exterior decoration.

Materials of the blinds may differ from fabric, plastic to excellent wood finishes.

For example,

Suspended Slats fit the bill perfectly. They can rotate and open 180 degrees. If you have patio outdoors, awning might be an option for you. Here’s a list of various options available:

Vertical Blinds

Roman Blinds

Wood Shutters

Roller Blinds

Automate Blinds

Each blind has its pros and cons. Understand your need and choose accordingly. 

Less Expensive: Are you tight on budget? Remodeling and unexpected expenses are synonymous. Blinds are affordable because of the adequate supply of designs and materials available.

Fabric and Faux wood Blinds: People use fabric blinds often. They easily roll up and are ideal for use. Their maintenance is easy.

Now, that you know why outdoor window blinds are popular, how do you choose the best?

Research: Focus on your necessities and base your research on them. Take notice of the weather conditions. For example, If you live in a tropical area, it would be better to install aluminum shutters. Read, browse, and takes suggestions from friends, family and neighbours. Visit dealers and look for affordable prices.

Make a list: List all the essentials for the job. Here’s a list of some essentials:

  • Hire a professional
  • Take measurements of your window (If you are on your own)
  • Buy material for the job like blinds, hinges, ladder, hammer etc.
  • Discuss budget, if you are hiring a company.
  • Mention the possible uncertainties during the job.


It is easy to get rid of weather severity, if window blinds are installed. They offer privacy, protection and improve the home’s decor.

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