Business Computer Support for Faulty Machines

Posted by lisa1988ann on April 5th, 2014

As a PC technician it is not uncommon to have clients call you in to make repairs on a machine that has been behaving odd.  Sometimes it is the applications they have on the computer that won’t run right, or they crash constantly.  At other times your client will tell you that the machine automatically reboots itself unexpectedly and gives a message that indicates it has just recovered from a grave error. In some instances the blue screen that everyone associates with death may also appear.  Usually this will generally mean that the memory is failing or it is faulty at best.  In order to test the memory slots or the memory, there are several things that can be done as follows.

Begin by verifying all the memory slots to make sure that memory sits well in them.  It is a good idea to pull each slot out and check to see if there is an obstruction or dust that could be interfering with how memory makes contact within the slot. The idea here is to diagnose by elimination.  If you skip a step, it may take longer to find out what the challenge is because you may have to backtrack only to find that you could have resolved the issue much faster.  If the hardware looks alright, then it may be time to move on to something else.

The first thing you want to do is to test the memory.  There are several applications you can use including system recovery options; windows boot manager, mdsched or Memtest to name a few.  Run the memory tests and eliminate the problems that could cause this one step at a time.  Sometimes the business computer support that you need to provide is virus removal.  A virus can cause the computer to behave oddly as well.  Sometimes you may click to open the internet and have multiple popup windows suddenly show up.  This can also be indicated by a computer that is running slowly which reduces its performance.  However, it is possible that this may be caused by other issues such as the need for more memory or your hard disk needing defragmentation. 

If the clients you are working with use surveillance systems, you may find that part of their needs could include installing and maintaining the system or repairing it. Maintaining these systems is critical if the client’s security is to be upheld and not compromised with time.

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