Tools Commonly Used by an Endodontist in Manhattan

Posted by AllmaJess on April 5th, 2014

 The world of endodontics has undergone a sea change today. The latest developments in the field of medical technology have made it easier for endodontists to perform even the most complex procedures effortlessly, in a matter of minutes. There are numerous tools and equipments that the endodontist in Manhattan uses during the course of his/her job. While some of the most common ones are the x-ray machines and the microscopes, there are specially designed tools such as the files, forceps and tweezers they use as well during root canal treatment and other procedures. Any reputed endodontist in NYC should have these instruments to ensure they offer the right form of treatment to their patients.

An endodontic instrument pack is one set of tools that are commonly found in the clinics of every endodontist in Manhattan. The inclusions of this pack are pledgets, sterile cotton balls, endodontic probes, file stand, artery forceps, measuring device, endodontic syringe, western probe, endo-locking tweezers and a long shank excavator. Before the start of any procedure, all these instruments are well sterilized by the endodontist in NYC to minimize chances of infection. While some endodontists use a closed metal tray to store these instruments, many others use an open tray to facilitate ease of use.

There are many patient protection devices used by the endodontist in Manhattan to make sure patients feel comfortable at all times. A rubber dam is one of the most common inclusions in the patient protection kit. This is used by the endodontist in NYC to prevent oral contamination when a procedure is in progress. This also prevents the patients from accidentally swallowing the tiny instruments used during the root canal treatment. The rubber dam facilitates a clear view of the operating area by retracting the tongue and lips. Patient protection glasses and waterproof bib are also used by certain dentists in this region.

Radiographic equipment is also commonly observed in the clinics of every endodontist in Manhattan. The x-ray equipment present in dental clinics is different from the ones that we normally see elsewhere. The long-cone parallel x-ray machine is used to get a good view of the tooth and the surrounding tissue. The endodontist in NYC also uses a specialized film holder to ensure the film is held in place while the x-ray is being taken. These dental professionals use a radiographic unit that processes the films in under a minute so they can diagnose the problem accurately.

There are a wide range of hand instruments used by the endodontist in Manhattan during the course of the root canal treatment. The K-type file is a common hand instrument that is used to remove the infected tissue in the root. This tapering file is being improvised continually to make it more effective. The Hedstroem file is another commonly used hand tool by an endodontist in NYC. This file is extremely effective in removing the gutta-percha filling in the root canal. The reamer is a hand tool that is used to work on the dentin while performing a root canal procedure.

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