Is Lasik Treatment a Good Choice For You? Know From the Experts

Posted by Parth Shah on November 9th, 2020

Are you wondering how your neighbor is suddenly capable of seeing without glasses? Having a good vision, in this era of technological advancement, is not a big deal, only when you have the best eye-care hospital at your service. Now, with the faster, painless, and easier Lasik Treatment, you can also restore your vision, even in your old age. So, let’s dive entirely into the process of Lasik and take control of your vision, right away!

What is Lasik Treatment

The name Lasik stands for Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis. It is one of the most widely used surgeries to cure common vision-related issues like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. By doing the treatment, the most opted Lasik Surgery in Mumbai corrects the vision and helps to mitigate the patient’s dependence on eyeglasses and contact lenses. However, depending upon the overall health as well as eye condition, few patients might need to wear glasses for night vision while driving or reading with aging. 

How is Lasik Surgery Done

Before the surgery, the doctors anaesthetise your eyes with drops. It ensures that during the procedure you would not feel any pain even though you will be fully awake. A special type of laser is used to reform the cornea to correct your vision. The doctors lift the corneal flap and give a new shape to the underlying corneal tissue. When reshaping is done, the flap is set back in place to end the surgery. The entire process is painless and the operated eye is covered with an eye shield. 


Benefits of Doing Lasik Surgery

Lasik Surgery corrects the visionary problems and helps you get rid of your glasses. The success rate of the same is also very high. However, there are some other benefits of Lasik Treatment and these are : 

  1. Refined Vision 

Lasik Surgery is perceived to give 95% of patients with 20/20 corrected vision for life (source: Rosin Eye Care). In most cases, the patient, who has once undergone a Lasik surgery, can enjoy greatly improved vision for the rest of their life. 

  1. Quick Results & Fast Recovery 

According to the renowned ophthalmologists, the patients can get back to their normal life as soon as the day after the surgery is done. Although the patient won’t be able to drive immediately after the surgery, the recovery period is still very less. But he has to be cautious about going to a dusty place after the surgery. 

  1. Get Rid of Glasses 

With Lasik Surgery, one can get his vision corrected and drop his glasses. Although depending upon the overall health conditions of the patient, they can permanently drop their eyeglasses or can use them with aging. 


Eligibility Criteria for Lasik Treatment 

To be eligible for undergoing Lasik Surgery, one has to be above 18 years old and must have a stable eye prescription. The eye specialists will identify if the eye condition requires Lasik surgery and for that, they will examine your eye with the progressive equipment available at the eye hospital. 

Generally, for people with cataracts or pregnant women, Lasik surgery is not recommended. Also, people with active corneal disease, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, or glaucoma are not advised to do Lasik surgery. In this regard, the best eye hospital for Lasik Surgery in Mumbai can help you with the best solution and treatment. 

Types of Lasik Surgery 

There are different types of Lasik Surgery like, 

  1. Wavefront-guided Lasik, which is a progressive and advanced form of Lasik.

  2. PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy), the first-ever successful flapless method for vision correction by changing the curvature of the cornea.

  3. Contoura-its a new technology which not only corrects the power but smooths out your cornea and hence gives a superior quality of vision.

Why Choose BLADELESS Lasik Surgery?

A bladeless Lasik Surgery has a lot of benefits for the patient. So if the eye-expert suggests a patient to do Lasik, it’s because of the following:

  1. Exact Surgical Control on Flap Thickness 

The bladeless Lasik surgery can be done smoothly and there is a precise surgical control on flap thickness, which leads to a better quality of vision and other improved results after the surgery is done.

  1. More Capacities for Flap Customizations 

The Femtosecond laser software helps to customize the operation plan for different patients and thus individualized treatment plans for patients with different issues and cornea sizes can be performed more efficiently. 

  1. More Patients Can Correct their Vision 

As a high level of accuracy is maintained for flap thickness, the thickness of the tissue underneath the flap is more predictable and better restored. Thus, the surgeons have better clinical freedom to customize the procedure for vision correction according to the individual visual and physical needs. 

Also, the patients who were not fit for the traditional Lasik Treatment, like patients with thin corneas, high refractive error, and dry eyes, etc., may still have their vision corrected with this surgery. 

Get Your Lasik Surgery Done at Arohi Eye Hospital

So if you are looking for the best eye hospital in mumbai to get your eyes checked by the most professional eye experts and Lasik done by the veteran Lasik Specialists, visit Arohi Eye Hospital. Arohi has state-of-the-art technology for improved eye treatment and operations at affordable costs. We offer the new technology called CONTOURA which only a few hospitals in Mumbai offer.

For more info on Lasik Surgery, Get in Touch with us and have freedom from glasses, in 15 minutes!

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