4 benefits that a Codeigniter developer can provide

Posted by CesarMuler on April 5th, 2014

If you want to have a website that works for you then you need to use the right applications. A Codeigniter developer can use the Codeigniter tool to create a dynamic and interactive website that appeals to your customers. And to ensure that your website is always functional you can run easy tests using the Selenium framework.

A Codeigniter developer can offer many benefits, four of which are described below.

Dynamic applications interactact with single or multiple databases at runtime. In plain PHP the Codeigniter developer needs to track the active database. There is a lot of time that needs to be spent on debugging the database operations and testing. In Codeigniter consists the user can switch databases using some simple steps.

Sessions are among the most commonly features in web apps. In plain PHP sessions need to be tracked and are stored on serverside. If the memory size of the server is exceeded by a sessions there could be some complications. in CodeIgniter sessions are stored in the database and thus there is less stress on memory limitations.

Applications perform various input operations using a form that has to be validated before getting into database operations. One way is to write lengthy validation codes and spend time in testing and debugging it. Codeigniter includes libraries for the most commonly used validations like chars, passwords, max length and emails.

Writing URLs
Writing custom codes for designing SEO friendly URLs is a tedious job. Codeigniter can generate SEO friendly URLs using defined structures.

But while all this is done for web application development a testing mechanism has to be there. This is provided most aptly by the Selenium framework. Without testing it is very difficult to manage a website. The example below should clearly explain the consequences.

Without a testing mechanism like the Selenium framework you wouldn’t know whether your website is running optimally or not. There could be various issues with your website. If it’s a browser-related issue the consequences can be minor. For example, your website may have developed errors in Google Chrome and is not getting displayed properly. Most people have multiple browsers and some of them may try your website in another browser. But what if someone only uses Google Chrome? They will go away from your website.

A more major consequence could be due to a functional error. Your customer has chosen your product and is now on the payment page. But due to some functional error the payment cannot be processed. Now there are thousands of online stores and your customer will not hesitate to switch to another website. If they are happy dealing with that other website they are going to recommend it. So not only you lose out on one customer but many referral customers too. This can be dangerous for your business. With the Selenium framework in place this will never happen.

Invest in a professional Codeigniter developer and use the Selenium framework and your website will earn for your business.

A professional Codeigniter developer, together with the Selenium framework can convert your website into a successful e-commerce website.

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