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Posted by Johny Dean on April 6th, 2014

Although loft conversions Hampton might seem like difficult house projects, they are in fact a much better alternative to moving out when you need additional space. If you work with a professional contractor, the entire process will be smooth and it will be ready in no time!

Do you need more space? One of the easiest solutions for you is to convert your loft. The process is much simpler, cheaper and less time-consuming than moving to a whole new house. Recent researches have proven that by simply turning your attic into a room designed for living, you can increase the value of your real estate with up to 25 percent. Besides that, it costs you about one third of how much you would actually pay for a new house with one extra room.

Be careful though, because, loft conversions don’t mean placing a temporary staircase and painting the walls. There are a few aspects that you should take into consideration. Therefore, where should you start planning your loft conversion? In order to design a room in the space of your current attic, you need to fulfill some legal requirements. These might vary, but your expert in loft conversions Hampton can tell you exactly if it is possible to realize the project. Usually, if you measure 230 cm from the floor to the ceiling, the conversion can be done. Unlike many house projects, you will not require a planning permission for loft conversions Kingston, unless you don’t fulfill the standard requirements.

Don’t forget to ask your contractor anything you want to know before starting the project. Is it possible to fit an extra bathroom? Will it be enough light? How will the proportions of the room work? How much will the loft conversion cost? Knowing these details can help you understand if it is worth or not to have a loft conversion in your own house. Once you give your approval, the project can begin. The first step after cleaning is the electrical wiring. Moreover, all loft conversions Hampton must be done with proper insulation to avoid damage produced by humidity. Fitting a few windows is a good option because you allow natural light to enter the room.

The staircase, partition walls and other finishing touches will be installed according to the initial design. The style of the interior of the loft will depend on the space that you have at hand and the purpose of the new room. Another useful addition to loft conversions Kingston is the access panels, which can provide an easy reach to water supplies or central heating. The walls and the flooring are some of the last elements that need to be taken care of. Once that is done, you can bring the furniture and the room accessories.

Bradley Loft Conversions Kingston is a company that specializes in this kind of house projects. They aim to provide you the highest quality of services available and their professional loft conversions Hampton come at very competitive prices!

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