Common Procedures Performed by a New York Endodontist

Posted by RaynaJess on April 6th, 2014

Endodotics is the field of dentistry that focuses on eliminating the decaying tissue inside the teeth in order to prevent them from being removed. The common notion is that the New York endodontist only performs the root canal procedure. However, there are many other treatments offered by these medical professionals. All the procedures that involve treating the root or the nerve present in the pulp chamber, within the tooth, fall under this category of endodontistry. Whether the root has been infected due to neglect or if it has been damaged due to exposure in an accident, the endodontist in NYC is the medical professional to reach out to for the right treatment.

The most common procedure performed by the New York endodontist is obviously the root canal treatment. This is the procedure that is performed when the infection in the tooth reaches the pulp chamber and infects the tissue present in it. If the tissue has decayed immensely and weakened the entire tooth, there is no option but to extract the tooth. However if the pulp is infected by the tooth is intact, the endodontist in NYC performs this procedure. Unlike tooth extraction, the root canal treatment is relatively painless. These dentists administer local anaesthesia to minimize the pain and put the patient at ease.

The New York endodontist also specializes in performing endodontic surgery. There are times when the root canal treatment, a non surgical procedure, will not suffice. In such cases, an endodontic surgery has to be performed by the endodontist in NYC. This surgery will help identify the canals and hair line fractures that do not show up easily on the x-rays. There are times when calcium deposits are found in the pulp chamber. Surgery is required to remove the excessive deposits of calcium and save the tooth.

The apicoectomy is one of the most common surgical procedures performed by the New York endodontist. This surgery becomes necessary if either the infection or the swelling persists even after the root canal treatment has been performed. This is a microsurgical procedure in which the endodontist in NYC opens up the gum near the infected tooth to view the bone beneath it and eliminate any infected tissue in this region. In this procedure, the complete root is removed. Once the tissue is removed, permanent filling is used to seal the area and the tissue is sutured to speed up the healing process.

Endodontic retreatment is also a procedure that is performed by the New York endodontist. There are times when a tooth on which the root canal procedure has already been performed may get infected. This may occur due to the procedure not being done correctly by a qualified endodontist. In such cases, the tooth does not heal completely and causes infection. While retreating a treated tooth, the endodontist in NYC will remove the crown and the filling in the cavity and look for remnants of decayed tissues. Once these are thoroughly removed the tooth is refilled and recapped to prevent further problems.

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