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Posted by juicecap on November 10th, 2020

Detective Young Chicks "Kenan Jun", painted pink lipstick, wearing bow flower head waiter, white-collar workers carry plush toys ... ... No one nation can be like the Japanese pursuit of "Cute" to the extreme.

One from the Japanese cosmetics company, the survey found, 20 years old to 30 years in his early preference for the cartoon image of Japanese women, like to dress up the doll as a look of innocence. They behave like as cute like: afraid to scream, stamp your feet straight when angry. More than 30 years of age and many professional women also seem innocent, do not have the proper mature, decisive and independent temperament.

At present, the involvement of the Japanese men have started a lovely trend. TV drama in Japan, Japanese men can often be seen pasted on the phone cute stickers or small stuffed toys in the bag hanging, showing the details of childhood.

Living in Japan for 15 years, a friend told reporters that Japanese companies hierarchical, but in general, "cute" easy to get under the boss's favorite, the boss does not treat them as a threat, so that it becomes superior-subordinate relationship more cordial. Therefore, some adults do not consciously accept the cute style, carbonated drinks bottle caps in their subconscious, than the growth for the community, they would rather continue to be a child. Like Conan, Kindaichi that do not follow the licensing management moves, the use of bizarre practices of the juvenile detective solve the case of Japan's "national icon", loved by all ages, even a "is too" word to describe this young , no beard, very cute, thin physique, wearing a suit plus shorts and lovable little boy image.

However, recently, there are Japanese critics that such act cute, do not think, act blindly follow the trend of the Japanese people are "collective IQ of recession", Japan has entered a "low-IQ society."

Ohmae One famous Japanese management theorists, economic strategist, his recently published book, "low-IQ society," after the bubble economy burst in the problems of Japanese society due to the "collective IQ of recession", causing widespread concern.

A social phenomenon in Japan that Ohmae worried, "as long as the TV programs that help weight loss natto, natto supermarket the next day will be looted. If the young men took office 10 years ago there One goal is to buy a car because they were trained to look forward to driving with a girl, but now it seems even that young people are not interested in, as long as there is a cell phone is sufficient, transformed into 'take the phone monkey '. "

Ohmae think this "collective learning, not thinking, negative to avoid" creating a culture of the Japanese 100 million "economic illiteracy." Many Japanese become a "fool" is the real reason for Japan's economic downturn. "Contemporary young people only care about their things around within 3 meters."

Kyodo News Agency reported that the Japanese government has adopted the cabinet about the size of 5.05 trillion yen of new economic stimulus package. The program to total 1 trillion yen at the core of public utility projects, including: Employment and Training; promote growth strategies; childcare, medical, nursing, well-being; stimulate local vitality and SME measures and institutional reforms with the provisions of contents . However, "Tokyo Shimbun" recently released survey results show that although the economic stimulus plan, but Bacheng Japanese enterprises have no confidence, worry about the Japanese economy once again decline.

"Politics is a microcosm of society, the world's frequent rotation of Japanese Prime Minister was surprised to see the current Japanese society, not difficult to understand why there are so many 'escape' the Prime Minister." Kenichi Ohmae in his book " Low IQ society "with concern that such a nationality" collective thinking "would lead to" an idiot "and the consequences is the loss of desire and ambition. Low-IQ society in Japan, "posing" a strong person, foreign investors, investment funds are the biggest beneficiaries. Therefore, he warned the Japanese, need to learn and improve quality.


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