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Posted by wecanmedia on April 7th, 2014

Website design has never been so important, with millions of people surfing the web every single second of the day and night, websites are now a hugely valuable asset in marketing your company and gaining new customers. But with belt strings tightening, forcing a lot to opt for cheap, do it yourself packages, many are left with cheap and out of date websites that look very nearly, exactly the same as the next person who used the same package. With only one chance to make a first impression it’s imperative that you make a good one.

With a wealth of experience amongst them, We Can Media, Web Designers Liverpool, can create for you, an original and functional website. Using their extremely fast server, it means your website loads very quickly, stopping you from losing frustrated customers who don’t have time to wait for a slow loading site. Focusing too on the UX (the user experience) they take into consideration how people would feel when using your site. Is it inviting? Does it entice them to want to learn more about you by using engaging and quality content? This is something that We Can Media ensure. Along with using responsive design, meaning your one website will change and alter itself to fit any size screen, making it accessible for anyone surfing the web from any device, mobile, tablet or PC. Once they’ve done the job of designing the website for you, you’ll not only see an increase in traffic to your website but you’ll also see the benefits of their continued support through their website maintenance.

Constantly uploading fresh and new images, they ensure a great customer return rate. Take their Dental Websites for instance, working on behalf of Dr Khalid Khan for his Elite Khan Dental website as well as his Khan Dental website, We Can Media created two innovative and modern websites accessible from any device.Using their SEO knowledge too, they took Dr Khan and his two companies to the first page of Google, increasing his traffic like never before and making him one extremely happy customer, “Our website has never been down; it loads very fast and works on all devices. And people do remark how good it looks.” Website design is a service best left to the professionals, using Web Designers Liverpool will give you the freedom and satisfaction knowing it’s not only in safe hands, but you also have a website being utilised correctly and updated continuously. Meaning no slow unresponsive website filled with out of date content.

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