Why internet connections get slow?

Posted by Spectranet on November 10th, 2020

When there are lots of people in our house using your internet broadband service, using the OTT app affecting the bandwidth, download-upload speed, streaming time, etc. of our wireless internet service speed, we must once regret sharing the wifi key with all of the people. As everyone uses Internet access be it Online banking, internet speed test, social media uploads anything, it starts decreasing internet speed rate from Gbps to Mbps to kbps & sometimes even to bps. When it's about accessing the internet-service at fast 4G internet speed everyone likes to approach the best data plans along with a swift, reliable & stable internet connection.
Streaming the HD video/ making Video call is typically the largest data hog but it is also one of the most commonly used. Usually when people in the house use the internet for watching online videos, downloading or uploading the media files on the server, communicating via internet connections (especially during the pandemic season like covid19, etc.) & due to the high volume of internet data usage the internet connection gets slow, then go to google searching "why my internet connection is slow".
To get smooth access to the internet on your mobile phone, tablets, or other internet devices, you will have to make sure that your APN settings are configured correctly on your mobile network. APN which means Access Point Name is a requirement on the mobile network for all internet users. It is your gateway to access the internet on the Mobile Network.

But sometimes, there might be a need to configure the setting manually (might occur occasionally) these all depend from device to device.

Spectranet offers the best unlimited & cheap internet data plans for your internet devices for accessing the internet. As the first 4G LTE Provider for Nigeria, Spectranet is committed to delivering high-speed & reliable Internet services in Nigeria, in other words, Spectranet is dedicated to provide the Fastest Data services at the cheapest prices in Nigeria.


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