The Sensual and Erotic Massage - An Introduction

Posted by Digital_Zone on November 10th, 2020

In place of contemporary massaging techniques, the art of erotic and sensual massage, as espoused in the Kama Sutra and Tantra has deep roots. Although, sensual massage wasn't mentioned directly in Kama Sutra, but its various tips and techniques could be applied safely in sensual and erotic massage, like understanding the energy of communication, understanding the human body chemistry and making time for details.

There is a broad feeling that Kama Sutra is all about sexuality, possibly the topic where most folks are wrong is that the greatest Kama Sutra sex lesson is about how to live life and approach human relations in a rational and logical way. It is definitely not means only sex, but pleasure from deep within. However, sometimes that features sex, sometimes marriage and even sometimes, this means group interactions and other social skills.

Instead of being just a guide of sex tips, artistic and gymnastic sex positions, the Kama Sutra makes it clear that technique is not any substitute for deep passion and love. Sex, love, and intimacy need to be approached as a creative ritual. So if we see the art of sensual and Erotische massages from the perspectives of the Kama Sutra and Tantra, it's not only about relieving the physical tensions due to stressful situations or to obtain sensual pleasure, but far more than that to heal the human body, mind and soul together.

It is all about rejuvenating the sum total personality of the individual from the deep within. It is all about celebrating our life together, as we are, by finding something deep within us. In ancient India body was regarded as being the temple and all sensual pleasures were regarded as being holy and sacred rather than perceiving as dirty.

From the teaching of Kama Sutra and Tantra you are able to entice, allure and charm your lover with sensual massage. In actual sense, sensual massage creates a relationship of communication between you and your partner, thus yourself becoming aware of your whole body and its role in giving the massage, enabling you to let go of the entire world outside. This new world is something that we generally haven't seen and experienced before.

If done correctly beneath the right environment with a right person, these massaging techniques can heal you from the deep within, as sensual massage is a holistic therapy in that it works on the individual as a whole. Moreover, it is a superb way of treating minor ailments, stress and negative emotional states in virtually any person due to any reason.

In virtually any massaging technique, whether it's therapeutic, sensual or erotic massage, the art of touch plays an essential role. Sometimes, it differs from person to person who touches and to whom massaging is conducted (giver and receiver).

Basically, it's the caliber of touch that takes one on a journey to the deepest realms of self and soul, and that subtly, gently and ingeniously encourages one to get into the imprints and holding patterns that limit the freedom of the human body, mind and soul, and encourages the deepest safety to let it go, to dance freer and soar more than ever before.

But that doesn't signify you can't learn this special art. Surely, you are able to learn, relearn and unlearn secrets that will help you to becoming absolutely irresistible to your partner.

It is stimulating and soothing touch sensations with exotic aromatic oils that is both titillating and healing. It is all about understanding how to touch and being touched, for an excellent and intimate relationship. For the physical experience to last for quite a while, the physic should be healed first, especially energy of past relationship which lingers within the physic (it may be due to any number of reasons, sometimes known and sometimes unknown to us). This energy, usually negative energy, has made plenty of compatible relationship fail. Whereas, the actual art of sensual massage uses sexual energy to rejuvenate internal energy, frees blocked emotions from past and present life and thus makes us more relieved and pleasured.

Sensual or erotic massage, whilst the name suggests, is all about communicating together with your partner by touching. It is a better method to feel one another through body, mind and soul. In the physical world we sense in various ways such as by taste, smell, sight, sound and touch but among all of them touching affects us much. For an instance take an example of a kid who has just joined the institution, you are able to explain a thing to him, it will not affect him much but when you provide a thing to him to the touch, to play, he'll better understand and certainly will not forgot it for long time.

The same applies in true to life; you are able to express your feelings for your lover more effectively by touching because touch is the primary sense we develop, the initial one that the embryo experiences within the womb because it strokes its thumb or finger across its skin. You like to the touch things you adore, you prefer and you intend to get. The exact same principle applies here in our relationships, but we generally fail to acknowledge it.

When it comes to relationship touch plays a very vital role. A feeling tells who we are and it provides a sense of ourselves from deep within. Touching is the better method to express our love, feelings and thoughts and it creates us feel that we are not lonely and somebody's around us.

In fact, a huge element of our'brain is given over to the sensory and tactile department. Our senses, particularly the skin we have responses, will be the bridge between the outer realities of life and our internal experiences of them. Touch, skin, feelings, sensuality are inextricable in one another. By touching we can examine our surroundings deeper, more closely in short they're the antidotes to your thinking. The way in which that we as lovers, touch defines the bond between both partners.

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