What services are offered by the Office Clearance companies?

Posted by Anu Walia on November 10th, 2020

There is no doubt nowadays if anyone wants to remove a couple of items or a hundred workstations disposed of, they call only commercial office clearance experts. They make sure that the job done by them is the highest environmental standards and relevant legislation with minimal cost and time for you. And also provide you a destruction data clearance service securely.  

Office clearance services goals to gets cost down for both to the environment and you. They achieve this by reusing your equipments. When specialists recycled office equipment it comes to clearing unwanted office furniture and electrical equipment.

Services provided by office clearance companies:

1. Greenway of office furniture disposal: If you want to relocate your workplace furniture or remove or eliminate extra unwanted furniture, the office clearance services company offers an eco-friendly manner way to dispose of it. If you need office storage desks, chairs, desks, or cabinets cleared, call them and see how they can help you and help the environment by repair and recycling your office furniture.  

2. Waste disposal and rubbish clearance: Fast, effective, and hassle-free clearance of rubbish and waste disposal by the service provider. All the cleared rubbish is taken with the highest rates of recycling. They ensure that all disposal waste services comply with all legislation and provide relevant documentation. They also ensure you sensitive or confidential waste, such as destroyed documents or branded items.

3. Asset purchase and valuation: Items that can be resold – remarked those items an asset valuation to conduct via email or phone. If they have set up that the items having value, they can make you an offer ourselves in the sale to a third party. Their extensive contacts in the industries help to get you the best price. 

4. IT disposal / IT recycling: The Office Clearance Company offers a service by all legislation. Service provider enables you to deliver on your legal requirements and corporate social responsibility objects. They ensure that the IT disposal and IT recycling service is completely secure, cost-effective, ethical, and green.

5. Data destruction service: Client’s need for all destroyed data irrecoverably. They have several wiping data options, both on and off-site. All data fully certified and destruction data documentation is provided. 

6. WEEE recycling: It stands for ‘Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). It is designed to minimize the impact of environmental WEEE. Some electrical equipment contains toxic substances such as mercury, lead, and flame –retardants, so it needs to deal with very securely, safely, and responsibly. 

How to choose the best office clearance, service provider:

  1. Experienced company: Always choose an experienced company who already deal with different types of project and easily handle your project. 

2. No additional costs: Firstly whenever you choose office clearance services clear that all the projects are done in this amount- no additional charges are included. And, if any damage or provide unsatisfied work by the clearance team then the company should be offering or provide unsatisfied work by clearance team then the company should be offering guaranteed money back.

3. Moving with relaxation: Shifting office is very stressful not only for business people, it is for the employee also. It is ensured by the company provider that your office IT equipment, furniture, files, and paperwork all are shifted in right place in your new office. 

The office clearance service oversees all the aspects of office clearance. For larger office clearances they provide a dedicated project manager. Make ensure that the company you choose is a licensed company for greenway technology disposal and committed to you ensuring everything is reused and recycled as is possible. Take the market review to choose a better company. Choose not only that who free up your time, but it also enables us to achieve your main objectives on budget and time.

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