4 Main Types of Graphic Design Explained

Posted by gobluetours on November 10th, 2020

Graphic Design Explained

Graphic design in Tulsa has the power to communicate messages and resolve a wide variety of problems with the help of mesmerizing visual compositions. It is imperative to know that graphic design is quite a broad term. There are diverse variants and styles of designs that fall under the umbrella of graphic design. All these versions demand slight changes in software, knowledge as well as skill-sets. The 4 major kinds of graphic design are explained below:

1. Advertising Design

Advertising and marketing professionals would not be able to do much without having the services of a competent graphic designer Tulsaon their side. Art directors and creative directors have the responsibility to take care of both regular marketing materials, such as business cards and brochures to designing and administering full-fledged advertisement drives.

Visual content has the capability to attract and engage customers. Companies depend upon excellent graphic designs to influence the purchasing decisions of their consumers. This is why graphic designs in the marketing and advertising sectors are no longer merely print-centered. They have dramatically expanded to include sizable digital assets in the form of content marketing, direct mail marketing and social media advertisement graphics.

2. Publication Design

Traditionally, publication design signifies the print medium, including newspapers, magazines, books etc. But like almost all other graphic design’s subsets, advancements in technology have exposed publication design to diverse new potential applications. For instance, digital publications make use of conventional artistic elements, such as space, typography and colors.

Publication graphic designer in Hamilton possesses the capability to thoughtfully and skillfully blend these traditional elements in order to develop designs that can be effectively utilized on the digital platforms. These virtual platforms include magazine layouts, email newsletters, e-books, and so on.  

3. Motion Design

The conception of motion design is relatively new in the extensive graphic design field. However, this design mode is a lot less confusing and intricate than the way its name sounds like. Motion design has come up as a versatile choice of style for many modern and professional graphic designers. It essentially involves the development of digital graphic pieces that create a subtle illusion of rotation or motion.

You can easily find conventional applications of motion design particularly in news production, television shows and movies. These days, some amazing examples of the motion graphic design in Hamilton can be witnessed throughout all virtual platforms in the form of website designs, apps, GIFs, video games, internet banners, end credits, title sequences and animated texts. 

4. Corporate Design

It is another major form of graphic design that is primarily utilized by business organizations. Corporations make the most out of this design style in order to establish and express a solid relationship between their targeted audience and brands. Corporate designs tremendously facilitate companies in developing their brand identity by ingeniously using visual elements. These extraordinary elements work as the face of a business to communicate its essence, personality and tone.

It is vital for corporate graphic design in Hamilton, Ontario, to keep the image of a brand consistent since majority of customers respond to identifiable visual media. To ensure that, graphic designers continuously collaborate with businesses to devise products like image libraries, color palettes, logos and typography. Some of the worth mentioning corporate design examples include business newsletters, stationery, business cards and logo design.

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