Why short run book printer is gaining importance?

Posted by tedmark on April 8th, 2014

Short run book printers can be attributed to be one of the most important contributors or player that would write the history of future book printing industry. The way books were produced some ten years back has become obsolete now because of tremendous technological advancements. Self publishing by first time authors has changed the face of the publishing industry. Book production process has become much more cost effective and affordable. Readers have also started accepting these kinds of writings with an open mind. So, the conventional demand versus supply dynamics is encouraging every players of the industry.

The first thing that you can expect from a short run book printer is its quality. As books are now being printed on demand and with completely digital processes the often smudgy, unevenly inked pages are things of the past. These book printing presses offer premium quality books ensuring customer satisfaction on every copy. Speed is another thing that has made the printing presses more popular over the years. They are short and smart. Depending on your volume they can deliver the printed finished books in five business days. Gone are the days when the author used to lose all hopes of seeing the copy soon and waited for ages to lay his hand on the copies.

You may now wonder on the minimum number that can be printed using these short run book printers. For many such book printing establishments the minimum quantity is just twenty-five. Moreover, you can get the quotes for printing online and also place the order there. The books will be delivered at your doorstep within no time. These printers also offer you to print the covers which you may use as a publicity material. These days it is quite common for the authors to provide one or two chapters of the book for free to the readers. If they like the sample chapters they may order that book and accordingly the author informs the printer the final print run. It is a win-win situation for all: the readers, the publisher (in this case the author) and the printer.

As there is no fixed cost involved as it was in conventional book printing processes (films, aluminium base photosensitive plates, printing machines, etc.) the short run book printers are really affordable for many. There are exciting offers from the printers for the first time authors where there is no compromise on quality. You can have colour illustrations on every page as it does not follow the conventional scheme of forme as in offset printing. Four colour reproduction is also a matter of the past as you can have as many spot or special colours you may want.

Short run book printers have changed the industry for good. There are book printing establishment that would help you in preparing your manuscript, make it error free with extensive editing, would discuss the layout of the book with you (which a conventional publisher would have never encouraged) and take your decision while preparing the publicity material for the book. It is now time to let your skill touch new heights.

Short run book printer for book printing has changed the dynamics of the trade.

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