Scope of Social Media App Development Today

Posted by Christina James on November 11th, 2020

A decade ago, social media networks were a platform for people to interact. As time passed, the scope of social media started evolving. Today social networking apps are not just a medium for personal interaction; they are content-sharing platforms, relationship networking mediums, blogging sites, discussion forums, and many more.

Out of the many new roles that social media has grown into, one of the most prominent roles is its presence in marketing or brand advertising. The drastic rise in the number of mobile phone users has paved the path for an increased demand for mobile app development. From shopping to health check-ups to reading news, the mode of interaction of people has changed. Everyone is looking for quick connections and immediate availability of data.

How Social Media Marketing Came Into Being?

Marketing strategies have always adapted to the technological advancement of the times.  Digital marketing can be seen as a successor of radio marketing and television marketing. All through the advances, the core focus has always been to use that medium for marketing, which has the highest customer usage.

In this era, where everything is digital, brands too customized their marketing strategies to meet their clients' needs. And was there one place where they could target most of the potential users? Yes, and that was social media. Social media app development became an obsession, and social media marketing was a natural result of that. Brands moved their marketing efforts to where their users were to gain their attention and receive more engagement. Social media marketing brought brands closer to people and created in them a sort of involvement with brands.

The Role of Social Media Marketing

According to statistics, 71% of users who had good social media experience with a brand will recommend it to others. Social media marketing provides a practical approach that is customer-oriented. It allows brands to provide customized content to users. Compared to other marketing methods, social media marketing sort of bridges the gap between providers and consumers. It gives a personalized feel and induces a stronger urge in people to buy products.

Social media marketing has many advantages that make it a very beneficial strategy. Some of them are:

  • Social media marketing opens the door for targeted advertisements, where ads are directed towards a certain audience with some specific characteristics who show a higher chance of converting into leads. This is an influential approach than mass marketing and delivers more results.

  • Less investment, more return. Social media marketing requires minimal investment. Once you have content (photo/video/text) to share, all you have to do is post it in the network. This makes it an approachable marketing strategy for start-ups and small scale businesses.

  • It is an excellent method to increase website traffic. Providing the website link in advertisements or social media pages will help to redirect interested audiences towards the website and increase traffic.

  • Brands can excel in customer service through social media interaction. Listening to people's needs, responding to their queries, solving problems become easy and straightforward through social media marketing. Timely feedback is one of the top requirements to create a loyal audience.

Should You Create Your Own Social Media App?

When you have a unique solution, and you want a platform to directly interact with your customers, social media networking is the best approach. However, mainstream social media platforms have their own algorithms and rules that might act as a hindrance to your reach and creative freedom. In such cases, it is best to create your own social media app as it will have no limitations on interactions or distractions.

There are several brands that create a mobile app for social media networking to develop a close community of loyal audiences. It helps to strengthen the brand while utilizing most of the current marketing trends without compromising on their brand values and needs.

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