Ins and outs of Fashion Photography

Posted by Neilstark on November 11th, 2020

Ins and outs of Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is a sub-genre that is entirely dedicated to photographing clothing and fashion-related items. You’ve probably seen these images when you browse through online clothing stores or even through magazines. While the clothing is always displayed on the model, it’s the photographer’s job to make it look appealing.

Types of Fashion Photography

  1. Editorial fashion photography

This type of photography is used when you’re planning on displaying your product in a magazine or posters.

  1. High fashion photography

This type is used by popular name brands and labels when they advertise their next new launch. This usually involves a supermodel or a celebrity displaying the product.

  1. Catalogue fashion photography

This photography is done specifically to display the product. The model, the background, the styling – everything takes second place, and only the product is given the main priority.

  1. Street fashion photography

The name says it all. This photography involves displaying the product in day-to-day life. The models are usually walking, standing, or on a street displaying trendy products and street style outfits.

The type offashion photography you choose depends completely upon your target audience. We all know the basics of photography: good lighting and sharp and structured image. But is it essentially more than just that. Photography helps you capture the real quality and look of the product. When you add images of your product on your website, the customers purchase it based on the quality of the image.

Good quality images generally allow the product to rank higher on e-commercial websites like Amazon and Myntra. 22% of consumers return clothes if they think it doesn’t match the images they’ve seen while buying it. If you’re a small business, investing in a professional fashion photographer to take high-quality images of your clothing line becomes all the more important. 

How to choose the best fashion photographer in Delhi?

Fashion photography is a difficult art to master and takes years of training. But hiring a fashion photographer can make a huge difference in the quality of the image and how the product looks. Fashion Photographers in Delhi are experienced individuals who have extensive portfolios. When you look through their portfolio, focus on how they’ve displayed the clothes and the models.

You can easily understand a fashion photographer’s style while looking through their portfolio and choose one only when you like their style. You can hire a photographer that displays a variety of styles and then choose one that best fits your vision and clothing line. 

Have an interview before selecting one, ask them about their experience, and show them a few samples of your product to get an idea about how they would display it. Give them an idea or two about how you want to display the product and ask them how that is achievable.

Why choose Vaibhav Singh Photography?

One of the best fashion photographers in Delhi is Vaibhav Singh. He houses a group of professionals who have been trained in the best Fashion institutes in India. With over ten years of exposure and experience in this field, the team knows exactly what it takes to reach your target audience with the best and high-quality images.

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