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Posted by CesarMuler on April 8th, 2014

The six sigma training programs for businesses must be designed properly to cater to the requirements of the 6 sigma projects. And the International society of six sigma professionals thus ensure to layout an appropriate plan, who make sure to train the candidates in such a way that it helps them in learn effective quality control technique. Whether someone is opting for black belt or green belt certification, developing an efficient training methodology is the one objective that a good six sigma institution should concentrate on.

The professionals generally follow the below mentioned steps to make the training easy and uncomplicated:

1. Pre-training
2. Delivery
3. Feedback plus analysis


A training schedule is first set up to understand the candidates’ expectation. Discussions are carried out with the deployment leader and trainees to impart information in them about the course and also take their suggestion in designing the training program.

The International society of six sigma professionals believes that any training is a kind of activity and so it will work better when planned in advance. The plan is designed based on each day’s training program and is also used to realize the schedule’s pace. Not only it involves hard-core discussions and seminars, but also the trainers ensure to arrange for curricular activities, so that the candidates can actively participate in the training procedure.   Delivery

In order to help the candidates to be successful in their venture, the professionals or the trainers make sure to deliver the training materials amongst all. With the assistance of quality content, the trainees are expected to find the exact data they require. Well, it is quite obvious that the materials for green belt certification should differ from that of the black belts. The 6 sigma training program is implemented as per as the DMAIC steps.

In addition, the trainers ensure to explain the practical application of quality management techniques during the sessions. In order to realize the level of understanding of the candidates or trainees, the professionals carry out exercise right at the end of the training. The trainees are also offered hands-on experience with the help of various 6 sigma methodology tools.

The trainers who conducts these sessions are well versed and have years of experience to be able to make an agreeable case for Six Sigma. The International society of six sigma professionals has in-depth knowledge on the subject matter, which enable them to hold the candidates’ interest throughout the sessions. They offer instances related to the present work conditions, which in turn helps the trainees to understand the course deeply.

If it is found the current technique is not working well, the trainers make sure to change the strategy immediately.

Feedback plus Analysis

During the end of the training, feedback is gathered from the participants to understand whether they are comfortable or not. This allows the trainers to improve on their teaching technique as well as change the future content accordingly. Also, such analysis helps the companies to identify whether the goal is met or not.

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