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Have you wondered how a 5-year-old sees the world? What are the things that impress the child and what things do not? If that sounds vague, let’s get to something serious & specific – as a business have you wondered what does your typical customer looks for before shortlisting their vendor. I would say plenty, given the fact we are going into the digital age at a speed that is anything but funny.

Let’s make a laundry list of all the things that a techie in Bangalore who is not familiar with the city would look at when they are looking for a vendor or a service provider:

  1. Name of the business in Google
  2. Ratings in Google
  3. Number of ratings
  4. Number of reviews
  5. Does this business has any negative feedback
  6. If so your response to the negative review
  7. Location
  8. Phone number
  9. Pictures uploaded by the business or your customers
  10. Addresses
  11. Website
  12. Details on website – clarity, and information
  13. Social Media links on the website
  14. Images – details of your service/product
  15. Form fill / Whatsapp / Chat option
  16. Social Media
  17. Different social media present in
  18. Frequency of posts
  19. Review on social media
  20. Quality of the social media uploads

How much did you score? It is evident that the higher the score, the better. Please do note that this is completed before the potential customer has even connected with you and even one word of interaction has happened. Bud is the leading social media marketing company in Bangalore and one of the best SEO company in Bangalore

The above points are under a normal business scenario, the business scenario post-COVID has only turned more intense and digitally savvy – due to obvious reasons. Everybody is looking for better deals at lower costs – if the messages you get on your phone or the offers that you see in the media are any indication – everyone is on sale or on offers! We as a advertising agency in Bangalore have been on our toes and to streamline holistic solutions as a digital marketing company in Bangalore for our clients across industries.

Different industries have different metrics to calculate performance once the customer has connected with you but it is evident that there are not enough metrics to indicate the number of customers who did not connect with you in the first place or chose to go with your competitor(s). The only way to minimize this leakage or loss is to have a robust digital plan where the most important details of your business are covered, the proper images are provided (not everyone has the time to read) what your previous and existing customers think of your business or service. This would be a confidence-building measure wherein each and every customer is given compelling reasons to connect with you.

Fun Fact: Your website can tell you the following

How many customers visited your website?

Which region did they connect from?

How long did they stay on your website?

Which page on your website did they stay on the maximum amount of time?

You can rise to any challenges required if you have created enough avenues or platforms to

  • Talk to your customers
  • Communicate your offers
  • Adapt/evolve your business style like Zero contact service etc.

Ultimately everyone likes to take their business to the person who is super keen to have your business and providing information beforehand is an apt way of displaying that keenness to serve better. This is where a fruitful partnership with a digital advertising agency comes into play where your brand objectives are fulfilled in an agile, focused, yet the engaging manner in the digital world – which is the need of the hour.

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