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Posted by Neilstark on November 11th, 2020

Your home protects you from the harsh weather and cold winters. It also needs proper care and maintenance. But how do you take proper care of your house? What are the things that can damage it? Let’s find out!

Things that can cause damage to your residential buildings

Numerous external and internal factors can cause damage or decrease the longevity of your building’s structure. You must identify them and provide your home with adequate protection.

Some of them are:

  • Strong gusts of wind can erode the outer walls and damage if it remains unchecked. Wafts can also permeate through your walls, rendering them structurally weak.
  • Moisture infiltration through the walls and roof can promote the growth of fungus or molds in the house. It can affect the residents’ health and leave a foul smell in the rooms.
  • Cold winds or coldness from your basement walls can create discomfort in your living rooms or bedrooms. If you have any crawl space, then there are chances of cold draughts.
  • Fire breaking out can also cause irreversible damage to your house. Not to mention the deterioration of essential items, but a fire can also burn down your resources and building’s structure.

Hence, it becomes vital to protect your house against these agents. One of the best ways is to apply spray foam insulation to your buildings! It can protect your entire home from cold wind and several other factors. Several companies in Ontario can suit your requirements. 


What is spray foam insulation?

Isocyanate and polyol resin combines and reacts and is expandable up to 30 to 60 times its liquid volume when sprayed.

The expansion allows spray foam to become one of the best and coveted materials for insulation and packing material in places such as Toronto

. Several companies use this insulating material to attain high thermal values and provide an eco-friendly alternative to fiberglass insulation. 

There are two types of foam insulation well suited for your homes. One is the light-density and open-cell spray foam, while the other is the medium-density and closed-cell foam. 

  • Open-cell spray foam: It is also known as half-pound foam. The material is semi-rigid, allowing massive expansion during installation and creates pockets of carbon dioxide. It is incredibly suitable for your walls and covers every cracks and niche, including irregular protruding surfaces and objects. Moreover, it can be applied over any substrate, including wood, metal, or even cement.
  • Closed-cell spray foam:  It is also known as two-pound foam and acts as rigid insulation. Having a high thermal capacity, it has long term resistance to cold winds or moisture. It also acts as an excellent vapor barrier. It is well suited for spaces such as basements and garages. If applied correctly, it also helps reducing noise transmission, allowing you to work without outside disturbances. It again proves to be beneficial if you are holding parties and playing music!

It is always advisable to talk to the best spray foam companies in Toronto to get an idea regarding the type of spray foam insulation required in the various parts of your house.

Benefits of spray foam insulation

Whenever you are constructing a new building or renovating an old one, experts suggest that you use spray foam insulation to attain a well-covered and safe blockage of air and moisture. 

Some of the significant benefits of insulating your house with spray foam are:

  • Sprayfoam insulation not only provides resistance against air and moisture but also traps the heat inside the building. Hence, it controls the weather inside your rooms despite the conditions outside. It means that you can enjoy a pleasantly warm space during chilly winters and a cool summer despite high heat outdoors!
  • The spray foam can cut down or reduce the amount of noise entering the room. If you love having a quiet home with zero disturbances, then you should definitely get this service.
  • Sprayfoam does not allow pollens, allergens, or dust particles to enter your home. Less amount of pollutants mean less dust to clean! Moreover, it is highly beneficial for those who have allergies.
  • The spray foam insulation is also a solution to prevent bugs and insects from entering your home or multiplying in it. Since the foam can get into every cracks and corner, you have significantly less chance of insect invasion and disturbance.
  • In case you provide closed-cell spray foam to your walls, they will become sturdier and improve structural durability. As things corrode over time, it is the same for your walls. However, with the application of spray foam insulation, you can have long-lasting walls!
  • It cuts down on your energy expenses. Since it aids thermal resistance and traps the heat into your house, it can reduce utility bills.

Sprayfoam insulation provides a single solution to multiple problems your house might be facing. It protects your entire home while being eco-friendly and sustainable. Get in touch with some of the best spray foam companies in Ontario to avail of professional services!

However, conduct background research on the companies and look for previous client feedback whenever you go for any service.

Ultimately, your house requires protection from all the harsh elements without compromising on its visual aesthetics. Hence, please make sure that the company you hire also makes the outlook of your home a priority! 

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