VDI and Remote Learning: Enhancing Higher Education Across the Globe

Posted by vDesk.Works on November 11th, 2020

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has forced many colleges and universities to switch to online classes. The uncertainty in education is expected to continue. Most of the higher education institutes are planning to implement remote learning in the future as well, thanks to technologies like Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Although remote learning via various virtual desktop services has been beneficial in 2020, questions on its long term feasibility are being raised.

VDI and Remote Learning: According to the Experts

Top DaaS providers like Azure VDI, and various other virtual desktop service providers have highlighted the importance of intuitive user experience for remote learning.

One of the key factors for the success of remote learning in any field (primarily education) is the elimination of hassles created with remote learning. This is where virtual desktop services like VDI step in. Some of the top VDI providers are offering intuitive VDI solutions that eliminate the gap between remote and in person learning.

In order for VDI solutions to sustain themselves in the education business after the pandemic, they must offer the same or better quality than in person interaction.

Did you know in 2012, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) offered a similar  concept of remote learning as VDI is offering today?

Although the MOOCs offered an alternative to classroom learning it received a low completion rate, high dropout rate, and abysmal student scores. Virtual desktop service providers must make sure their remote learning services offer the best experience to students to save it from becoming another MOOC of 2012.

VDI and Remote Learning: Why VDI for Higher Education

Replication of the physical aspect of school or college over a cloud network might not be possible, but VDI offers the potential to emulate the user experience of school desktops and on campus resources from anywhere in the world.

The concept of VDI in higher education is straightforward, running cloud based data centers to create a virtual desktop image that is delivered over a virtual network infrastructure. The student can access the college desktop from any type of device. They can also interact with apps and services as if they were actually using that machine.

Through providing desktops and apps with the support of VDI, universities and students can receive flexibility and ease in exchanging study materials, education apps, and graphics heavy apps like AutoCAD.

VDI and Remote Learning: The Need of the Hour

To get the right combination of IT infrastructure, desktop hardware, and volume of users educational institutes will have to make sure that they choose the right VDI solution. It is not enough to deliver canned lectures and educational apps over a network. The key to long term success in virtual desktop service for higher education is enhancing user experience.

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