Got that by RuneHq. Now I am disapointed

Posted by Megaomgchen on November 12th, 2020

Got that by RuneHq. Now I am disapointed that I have to RS gold get out to find the Monkey talismen and Monkey stays because Sal's Quest help didn't possess that for freakin sakes. I can't even get a Enchanted bar with my Gold pub, Monkey Dentures, monkey Amould... Now Where the hell is your Monkey talisman and Remains because I must start over and proceed though the Dungeon. Thanks a whole lot, Sal's.

For the actual"criticism" you can not get that stuff until you talk to him, so it makes it pointless to tell you to attempt to get them before. Even if you could, then maybe you should only try reading the guide through first so that you know what's required, which is right on the cover of the guide page anyway. Blaming other people for YOUR short-sightedness is just foisting the responsibility of the quest on others.

The quest is not that difficult if you simply follow the quest log along with also the quest guide here. When it's too confusing and hard for you, then make suggestions and improvements instead of just complaining about the quest, which will not help the site at all. If you don't enjoy the guides here, then move be a forum member someplace else. It does not hurt to actually think through everything you have to do instead of just depending on a quest manual to get you . So it is not the guide or Sal's that failed you, it is yourself.

I have started the Creature of Frankenstein pursuit, and have gotten to the part where you need to discover the guys mind. I get near the location where you dig for it, but I almost always keep getting killed by leeches and witches, and wind up teleporting back to varrock! I basically only sold out all of my bank and I've around 17m now. I would like to raise a money making ability up and I want to understand what to do and the way to get it done. Because I am not good with money and want some players that are better than me to help out me. What monster could I kill and recieve a fantastic amout of charms (Does not matter what type ), too if I need to OSRS GP do a quest or something in order to get them that'd be useful. Slayer level is 22.

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