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Posted by articlelink01 on April 9th, 2014

Casinos nowadays are usually flooded by various games; some of those games are very much similar to those that can be found at land based casinos. New gamers soon found out that casino games vary and every game has its own advantages and features as well. There are varieties of 24 hour online casino slot games that can be found these days and one of those is the straight slots. Flat rate slots are another name for straight slots and this type of game usually offer payouts when you bet within the required rate. But you can also enjoy the no deposit casino bonus if you are a beginner.

In straight slots, the link to the other slot games are not linked at each other which means that the jackpot price that you will get from every machine are different from one another. They are unique somehow. Straight slots offer different chances of winning and you can get higher and fairer price every time you play straight slots. When you have the chance to play slots you can look for straight slots which offer low prize money compared to progressive slots. Straight slots offer various payout schedules and it’s always divided into different varieties.  You can also check for no deposit casino bonus at the start of the game if you are a beginner.

Straight slots varieties

  1. Multiplier slots offer payouts that are based on the sum of the coins that you have bet for every spin of the wheels. An illustration will show that if you place a coin and then the machine pays you 5 coins for 3 similar symbols such as oranges, you will have a chance to win 10 coins if you have bet 2 coins. This goes to show that a payout always increases with the number of coins that you have inserted within the slot machine. On the other hand, you are suggested to refrain from playing with numbers of coins because that puts you on a greater risk.
  2. Bonus multiplier slots impose similar principles like regular multiplier slots offer. It’s just that in this type of slot game, the machine will lead you to a special bonus that enables the increase of the slot payouts that you will get for winning a particular winning combination if you bet maximum coins for this type of game. You will have a chance to win 30 coins if you will bet 3 coins for the combination of 3 apples or 3 bananas.
  3. Multi-payline slots are a type of modern video slots that offer a lot of paylines for the players to wager on. In this type of straight slots, every time you activate the next payline through inserting more coins, you get the chance to enjoy the game even more through the winnings that you will get. You can insert a coin if the winning combination is not yet activated because if that is the case, you will not get any payout at all.

Slots are truly an entertaining game and you have a lot of options to choose from if you want to play with variety and it’s good to know that there are 24 hour online casino sites that you can find.

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