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Posted by Affordable Evaluations on November 12th, 2020

People are the biggest assets of any organization, yet organizations suspend, retrench or ask them to leave the job for substance use, drug or alcohol violations. Many organizations take these violations in a casual manner, but there are some organizations and industries that take these violations very seriously and even have very tough norms for giving jobs and continuing it in a regular manner.

There is so much work related and other stress factors that people do make mistakes and get red flagged, suspended or even lose their jobs if violations continue for longer period of times. There are many agencies and TPA’s that offer out of state alcohol evaluations, drug evaluations, DOT substance abuse program assistance and much more.

Organizations requiring drug evaluations

Some industries like FMCSA that controls trucking industry in USA, PHMSA that regulates pipeline transportation systems, USCG- that is the US defense, search and rescue, maritime law enforcement branch of United State Armed Forces, FRA_ Federal railroad administration, FAA- Federal Aviation Administration and FTA-Federal transit administration, have compulsory screening of drugs and alcohol on a regular basis for all its current employees and people seeking employment with any of these agencies.

If you fail in any of the screenings, you are immediately released from your duty and cannot return until you have completed your dot substance abuse program and DOT return to duty program. This is done to minimize accidents and crashes to save public life and property.

Often business organizations get their people tested for drug evaluations because they trust their employees and do not want to lose them for petty things like alcohol drug evaluation.

Issues that require drug evaluations Houston

There could be any reason for drug evaluations in Houston or Texas. It could be a case of drug abuse, divorce case in which your attorney would want your drug evaluation for a case, child custody where you need to prove that you are a responsible person, or any other legal issues.

Companies are also getting a little tough on their employees to get their drug evaluations done on a regular basis because they need to verify that their employees are trustworthy and responsible. Many times, you are required to carry important documents from one place to another; such documents are confidential and need utmost secrecy to sustain in business. Therefore, business heads look for people with clean image and personality so that they can be trusted with such documents.

Choosing the right agency for drug evaluations

Choosing the right agency for drug evaluations is a very tough job because there are always many things that you don’t want other people to know. Trust is a very big factor and you need to know an agency that can be trusted with details and documents.

The other important issue is expediency. Once you are red flagged, suspended for drug violation, you want things to get over in the shortest possible time so that you can get back to your job and resume your career.


There are many agencies that could get your work done, but their charges are very hefty. Since you are already out of job and money, you need someone that can charge reasonable and get your work done.

Affordable Evaluations are one agency that you can trust wholeheartedly and one that is recognized service provider in Houston for all kinds of drug evaluation programs.

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