8 Common Canada Settlement Mistakes by Immigrants

Posted by untilsettled on November 12th, 2020

Immigration as well as the Canada settlement process is a long one. Doing it entirely without one mistake is a very rare case. Every immigrant coming to Canada makes one mistake or the other in their immigration as well as settlement process. However, the outcome of such Canada settlement mistakes are often time taking or heavy on the pocket. Tremendous mistakes can even doom the process of Canada settlement for immigrants.

Until Settled as an agency offering settlement services in Canada every year handles hundreds of Canada immigration cases filled with mistakes and blunders. Based on which today we list 8 common Canada settlement mistakes in order to help immigrants from not repeating the same hereafter.

Based on this list of 8 common Canada settlement mistakes by Until Settled, immigrants can become extra careful about how to settle in Canada without mistakes.

Format of Employment Reference Letter

The documentation process of applying for jobs in Canada requires immigrants to submit their employment reference letters. Often employment reference letters are simple one liner or Whatsapp messages that do not solicit the purpose.  

Making Big Investments

Immigrants right after coming to Canada often make big investments even before securing a job or source of earning. They simply hope situations improve with time. Such might not be the scenario particularly after the pandemic.

Relying to virtual networks

Immigrants are often recommended to build and maintain networks in Canada. They solicit it by expanding their social media and LinkedIN contacts in Canada. That’s not the key.

Delaying to get SIN Number

As not familiar with the Canadian culture and regulations, immigrants tend to delay important social services during their post landing process in Canada. One such common delay is in getting the Social Insurance Number (SIN). This is a very common Canada settlement mistake by immigrants.

Misunderstanding the importance of language score

Proof of language proficiency in English/French is a mandatory part of Canada settlement. Students often do not get this clear and skip this step. In some cases, students opt for unaccepted English proficiency tests that become a waste for the Canada immigration process.

Relying on restaurant food

The cost of living is steeply high in Canada and so is the cost of eating restaurant food. Immigrants often do not opt for new immigrant services in Toronto and other parts of Canada expecting restaurant food to serve their needs.

Using unauthorized translator

An important pre-arrival immigrant service in Canada is translating all documents to Canadian language. Immigrants who choose an unauthorized translator for this purpose face problems at a later stage.

Trying to save on settlement services

Immigrants often assume Canada to be exactly like their homeland where they will manage all by themselves on arrival. Thus, they do not opt for settlement service agencies. This often makes the Canada immigration landing experience a challenging scenario.

Until Settled as a settlement agency lists this set of 8 Common Canada Settlement Mistakes by Immigrants with the aim and hope that aspiring immigrants won’t repeat them. The secret to a seamless Canada settlement process including immigration is choosing the best settlement services in Ontario or Canada offered by Until Settled only.

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