Benefits of six sigma Training and Certification

Posted by RaynaJess on April 9th, 2014

Modern corporate organizations are taking employee training to an entirely new level with six sigma training. Whether you are an organization or an individual, there are many benefits of 6 sigma training and certification. The following guide will provide you more six sigma information so that you can learn about the most important benefits of this coveted certification.

The first benefit of six sigma certification for an individual professional is that it helps you attract more employers to your portfolio. When employers learn that you participated in projects and helped save your former employer hundreds of thousands of dollars because of your skills gained from 6 sigma training, you are going to be taken seriously. Besides, organizations today know and appreciate the effectiveness of this training and certification in eliminating waste and attrition.

The second benefit of having 6 sigma training and certification is that it helps in strengthening teams. If you learn about more six sigma information you will find that the training emphasizes the need for team collaboration to meet organizational needs. When the principles of 6 sigma are applied, teams get rewarded for their active support in achieving organizational goals. This can help strengthen the team culture and create a work culture that is highly collaborative in nature rather than being competitive.

The third benefit of six sigma training and certification for both individuals and organizations is that it helps in improving customer satisfaction. If you are a business leader in your organization, the training will help you learn how to improve operations and service delivery for better customer satisfaction. You will learn how to determine the current satisfaction levels of your customers. One of the main benefits of 6 sigma process is that it helps you get to the root cause of customer issues and help find solutions to them. You will be able to identify and improve specific defective areas thus improving the levels of customer satisfaction.

Organizations and individuals can expect many positive results by gaining more six sigma information. One major benefit would be the improvement in customer loyalty. Because 6 sigma training helps you or your employees develop better products, it means more satisfied customers and customers who provide more repeat buskins.

6 Sigma training and certification can help you increase the bottom-line of your organization. This is because implementation of the principles means deployment of more efficient processes. Fewer resources will be allocated to improvement while more resources will be focused on production. This means more products will be available for sales with fewer defects.

The next benefit of more six sigma information is that it can help improve employee satisfaction. One of the main concerns of any organization is the costs involved in employee turnover. 6 Sigma training and certification has however helped improve employee satisfaction. Then there are benefits of the certification to the supply chain management of the company. The development of a better product/service benefits both the customers and suppliers. 6 Sigma is an ever evolving training and certification process and its benefits keep evolving with its growth.

Do you want to train for six sigma certification to improve your skills and professionalism, or the skills of your staff? Check this website to get more six sigma information to take your business prospects to the next high level.

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