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Bespoke suits and shirts are classy, stylish, and elegance personified. It is a piece of fabric that is capable of expressing your individuality, creativity, and style – everything you need to make a statement. Whether it’s a tailored wedding suit or a tailored shirt, they scream sophistication and class. Confidence booster? Indeed! But the question is, is tailored menswear really worth the hype? Read on to find out.

Fit: Each body type is different. Mass produced, “one size fits all” off-the rack suits and shirts are infamous for their fitting. Your ideal suit is stitched to fit your body, ergo guaranteeing you comfort and confidence. Custom tailored suits and shirts are precisely measured and hand-stitched beautifully, with extra care to ensure perfection.

Style: Tailored men’s suits express individuality. You have the freedom to choose the finer elements of your suit and personalise it with your creative style by choosing the fabric, colour, and design, including the lapels, cuffs, thread count, and collar. To top it all, you can choose stunning accessories to further dress your impeccable suit.

Convenience and Efficiency: The dark question of price looms over custom tailored suits. In reality, it is an investment that’ll reap benefits for a long time. They are long lasting, durable, and comfortable, whilst maintaining style. Also, it saves time. Going through hundreds of shops to find that one suit you have in your mind and not finding it (because it doesn’t exist!)  Can be extremely frustrating and time consuming. With your personal suit tailor, you have nothing to worry about. One consultation and you’re set.


 Tailored suits are expensive because of the detailing and the time that goes into making a classy suit. The stitching of the suit is not only complicated but also requires high expertise. Another important factor is the quality of the material used to handcraft your suit. Finer quality fabrics present the buyer with superior looks and comfort.


The difference is evident in the way they fit you but let’s be more precise here.

Internal Construction: A major difference between the two is in the way in which they are constructed. Readymade suits usually use the method of ‘Fusing’, wherein the inner and outer parts of the suit are glued together using heat and chemicals, which can later lead to ripples in your suit. Tailored suits, on the other hand, are hand stitched, making them more durable and comfortable to wear.

Variety: Readymade suits provide you with limited options, in terms of colour, fabric, and size. On the other hand, tailored suits and shirts give you ample freedom to choose.

Pricing: Off-the-rack suits offer a relatively cheaper price range. However, custom-tailored suits are far more durable.

So, are tailored shirts and tailored suits worth the investment and hype? Absolutely! Remember, suits are primarily about the finer details, so choosing a clothier that has an impeccable eye for detail is of utmost importance. Narrowing down on one can be a harrowing task, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Briggins Clothiers in Melbourne is perfect for the job. Renowned for their styling and personalised professional services, they offer a broad range of services including custom suit-making with 3D body scanning technology for superior fit, wardrobe styling, and barber services.

Your clothes define who you are. Let that definition be class. It’s personal. It’s you. It’s Briggins. Contact them today on 1300 452 251; or visit-5 Silver Grove Nunawading, VIC.

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