Top benefits of aluminium tables

Posted by Ullrich Alumunium on November 12th, 2020

Aluminium is recognised as one of the most common minerals on the planet, it’s used for thousands of different thing’s from electrical cable to insect screens, pots and pans to roofing and wall panels, marine applications including power boats and ships, aircraft construction and of course furniture such as aluminium tables and chairs.

Aluminium tables are popular with all types of people in most settings; they are extremely useful because of these top benefits:

  •         Light weight

Aluminium tables and other furniture is very popular because it’s usually light enough to easily be moved around by the average person. This gives it a huge advantage over comparable sized tables made from other materials such as wood or steel. They come in solid and folding versions, so are ideal for conferences, sporting events as well as home use

  •         Easily transportable

Whether you’re using them in a temporary situation or just like to move them inside for safety when not using aluminium tables are easy to transport anywhere with minimal labour required

  •         Strength

Aluminium tables are very strong,even though they are comparatively light and can usually be made of using much thinner dimensions than comparable sized timber tables

  •         Cost effective

Tables made from aluminium are usually much more affordable than those made from other materials because they are easier to fabricate or extrude that those made using other materials

  •         Attractive designs

Whether cast or made from extruded aluminium, tables made using aluminium are very strong while still being able to offer elegant design and attractive features that can fit in with any décor or colour scheme

  •         Durability

Aluminium tables have the advantage that they have very high anti-corrosion properties if left outside in the weather. Aluminum can be left bare or it can be powder coated or painted to give a tough weather resistant coating to suit different applications if required

  •         Stack ability

Most aluminium tables are constructed in modular units that can because of their light weight be easily stacked when not in use. They can also be placed together to form a large table or work space making them very versitile

  •         Vermin Proof

There are no pests that will attack or damage aluminium tables, they are inedible and too tough to be chewed or bored into to provide shelter for any animals

  •         Easily cleaned

The nature of aluminium, when used to make tables, makes these tables very easy to clean, aluminum surfaces are smooth and will not absorb moisture, grease or oils. This helps to preventdirt and grime from sticking and allows them to be easily be cleaned using a brush, light detergent with a garden or high pressure hose

  •         Heat resistant

Aluminium tables are heat resistant and will not be affected by the heat of the sun or from any normal weather conditions

Aluminium tables are now very popular for all types of occasions and settings from indoors in elegant settings to more casual outdoor applications. They are popular in restaurants, cafeterias, schools, hospitalsand workplaces. This is because they are available in many shapes and sizes with a huge range of styles and colours designed to suit any situation, formal or informal indoors or outside. Aluminium tables are lightweight, easily maintained and have a long working life. They represent excellent value and are available in all areas.

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