Executives and Executive Search Consultants ?A Symbiotic Relationship

Posted by GlobalHunt on April 9th, 2014

By the end of your 30’s and 40’s you need a strong network to support you in searching for a job that is best suitable for your profile. But in order to have the network you need to be in constant touch with the search consultants who turn out to be the best medium to provide you recruitment related help . Both the executives as well as the search consultants share a bond that is symbiotic in nature as both of them are at profit with each other . The consultants need candidates for their clients who at times becomes the clients too by recommending their services whereas the candidates too need these search consultants in order to attain growth in their careers .

In order to build that healthy relationship where both the search firm as well as the candidates are mutually going to get the benefit you should follow these steps given below :

1) Have a preplanned relationship with the consultant .  It’s always advised to have a homework done in advance . You should develp a healthy conversation with the consultant before hand when you are searching for a change or have recently resigned from your current job as this would be beneficial for you to search for a good  organization .

2 ) Be appropriate in your search .  A search firm is a  large organization that offers recruitment services in various verticals and under these verticals subdivisions in different positions and designations takes place . you should be very selective while searching for a international search consultants . Look for a person who works for your domain and specifically for those skills that match up to your skill and the geographical region you are belonging.

The first thing is to find out whether or not they are interested in talking to you or not. Try checking up on your investments as somethe they might just give you a buzz to keep records in their database  or for some immediate position.

Try putting certain queries on the consultants in order to have a little review on their genuineness. Have proper questioning on the position , the skills required and then move on to inquire about their prior experience in handling these kind of positions.

3. Let the consultant fulfill your job interest .  If you are interested in a job then let the consultant help you to make you have it. Give a proper resume that is speaking volumes about you . let the resume talk about your strengths without hiding any truth. If you don’t posess certain qualification that is prescribed in the job be straightforward in telling for the same.

4)  Give some References if you are not interested .  Those who help others get themselves helped one day is what goes  right here. If you are not interested in a particular job then try helping out the consultants who have given you a call .Try giving some references who can be well suited for the job . Suggest some names that will be beneficial for the consultants.


Hence the relationship between the consultants and executives  is very fruitful as both of them can help each other achieve their career heights and targets .

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