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Posted by RankaTent on April 9th, 2014

Contrary to popular belief, the work of an Indian wedding planner is quite a challenging one. Especially in India, with so many diversities and so many different customs and rituals to follow a wedding planner’s job automatically becomes a tough one. It is also difficult to read the minds of a client, given that he or she would most often just say the given idea doesn’t have quite a tinge to it. So the planner needs to know exactly what kind of ‘tinge’ a client is requesting.

If you are a person bowled over by unpredictability and crave for heterogeneity in work, then this profession is just right for you. All you need to know is the basics of what an Indian wedding planner actually needs to do.

 Firstly, a wedding planner needs to be a smooth talker. You need to possess the power to make good conversations with your client, get to know the likes and dislikes of him or her and finally convince them to plan the wedding in a certain way.

 The initial conversation between a wedding planner and a customer is the most important; it sets the framework of the whole deal, what the client is planning to do and what the client is willing to do. It is always important to prioritize the wishes of the person who is most interested in giving opinions. And because it is an Indian wedding that is being talked about, the opinions of the parents matter over the brides or the groom, most of the cases. Their main guidelines will be to make their weeding day a blast, with lots of enjoyments and a memory to last a lifetime. Of course, stress and a big fuss over every detail is the last on their mind. This is where you come in.

After you have settled everything about your requirements with your customers, your job as the Coordinator begins. Make sure to keep every details of the vendor your customer has chosen to hire. Don’t just keep their landline, but their cell number and email id for emergencies. Plan out your timeline with the photographer’s and the band’s timeline and double check to make sure everything is synced together.

 Since you are in charge of the wedding rehearsals as well, so make sure to be the one in charge of taking care of all the details with both the bride and the groom so that everyone is on the same page.

 Of course, it is the wedding day when you will be the busiest so try arriving as early as possible and supervise everything coming in and going around. Remember to go behind every vendor and ushers so that the family or the bride and the groom have their own fun. The most neglected and the most important job of them all is to be able to guide the guests properly for the reception or the photo session and stick with the schedule. The art of planning everything in one’s own schedule is what keeps a wedding run smoothly.

 Ultimately, while working as an Indian wedding planner, remember to enjoy yourself while doing your job, because you in turn are helping someone fulfill their dreams.

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