Tips for using industrial laundry machinein autumn and winter

Posted by sere on November 12th, 2020

The autumn and winter seasons are not only the two most frequently used seasons for the use of industrial laundry machine for hotels, but also because the quality of the linen processed becomes greater and the dirt becomes heavier, so the work pressure is also greater. So the few tips shared below can effectively alleviate these problems and improve the efficiency of hotel laundry machine in autumn and winter.

1. Make the best use of everything

Our hotel laundry machine is a powerful mechanical equipment, many functions we will ignore in actual production, such as hot water washing function. The electric heating function or steam heating function of the hotel washing equipment can heat the cold water to a preset temperature. So as to improve the stain removal effect of the linen by washing with hot water. Therefore, in the autumn and winter seasons, we might as well turn on the similar functions of the hotel washing equipment to make the best use of.

2. Scientific washing

Scientific washing is to reduce the working pressure of hotel washing equipment and improve the decontamination effect. And this scientific washing is based on detailed washing procedures, standardized operating methods, and excellent washing techniques. Therefore, in the autumn and winter seasons, as the nature of the linen washed and the rigid factors change, we must do a good job in scientific washing. Among them, the operability is that the linen prepreg process can be increased to speed up the removal of dirt on the linen, and the washing and rinsing water levels can be controlled to relieve the working pressure of the hotel washing equipment and reduce the detergent residue on the linen. Choose the appropriate detergent to avoid the problem of linen being washed out due to improper selection of detergent.

3. Reasonable maintenance

In the autumn and winter season, as the working pressure of hotel washing equipment becomes greater, we also need to strengthen the implementation of corresponding maintenance. So that the hotel washing equipment used in a high-intensity environment can be effectively supplied and maintained. Avoid all kinds of failures, accidents and other problems caused by deviation and damage of mechanical parts caused by high pressure and failure to perform effective and timely maintenance.

The above 3 tips suggest several effective methods when using hotel washing equipment in autumn and winter. I hope that the majority of users can implement them effectively. Ensure that our hotel washing equipment can bring us great help in autumn and winter, but also reduce the probability of its own problems.

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