Choose Best Specialization to Level WOW Shadowlands Death Knight

Posted by freemexy on November 12th, 2020

Choose Best Specialization to Level WOW Shadowlands Death Knight

WOW Shadowlands Death Knight starts at level 8. To level Death Knight in the new expansion, you can see the guide below to select the best specialization for leveling. To get more news about best place to buy wow classic gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Choose WOW Shadowlands Blood Death Knight to level 

Blood Death Knight has high area damage capability and amazing self-healing. After reaching level 10, you can start choosing this specialization to level with the following tips: 
1. You can engage targets via Dark Command or Death Grip.
2. You can use Blood Boil to hit the enemies around you. Blood Boil applies Blood Plague.
3. Use Death Strike to reduce damage, heal you or as a Runic Power dump. 
4. Use Marrowrend to generate Bone Shield in order to increase your Haste and reduce your damage taken when you have one charge of the buff. 
5. Use Heart Strike to dump Runes. It will cleave 5 times while used inside Death and Decay. 

Choose WOW Shadowlands Frost Death Knight to level

We think that Frost Death Knight is more available for more experienced players. And you can level in the following way: 
1. Use Howling Blast or Obliterate to generate Runic Power.
2. If you're close to Runic Power cap, you can use Frost Strike, or you have a Killing Machine proc. 
3. Remorseless Winter should be used on cooldown. 
4. Frost's damage relies on paying attention to Rime and Killing Machine procs to get the most out power of the spec.

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