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Posted by sere on November 12th, 2020

Guarda fireproof safe box is a world-renowned manufacturer of fireproof waterproof safe. After decades of development, it has become the brand leader of safes in China. Its innovative technology research and development, excellent quality control, and perfect after-sales service have become consumers' favorite brand.

The sense of worry is precious enough to be prepared for less or no trouble. Safes are part of the safe life at home. At present, in developed countries such as Japan and the United States, the proportion of safes owned by families has reached more than 50%, while the penetration rate in my country is less than 5%.

Some people may think: Actually, there is nothing important in my house. However, in addition to stacks of large banknotes, there are mainly some intangible valuable properties that need special protection, such as real estate certificates, pension insurance, IOUs, household registration books, gold and silver jewelry, etc. They don’t seem to be much, but the value is also indispensable. Underestimate, let alone put it casually, you have to worry that one day it will be burned by the fire accidentally.

Fires are frequent and people suffer severe injuries, including personal safety and property safety. How many people are still racing against time when the fire is invading and clinging to all the gold and silver treasures before escaping, but in the end they are often unable to escape and be destroyed in the fire. How much money and buildings could not help being devoured by a fire, and how many people regretted it after the disaster?

When the Guarda fireproof safe is burned for 2 hours at a high temperature of close to 1000 degrees, the contents in the cabinet are still safe and undamaged; the waterproof technology ensures that the entire safe is completely immersed in the water for 8 hours without dripping water.

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