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Posted by kiltsmaster on November 13th, 2020

Bill and Wanda Watters have extended their Charlottetown business to incorporate a taste and feel of Scotland and Ireland.

The couple, who possesses and works Northern Watters Knitwear on Victoria Row, has turned around 700 square feet in a cellar area directly nearby into an undeniable plaid shop.

There are plaid covers and plaid pads, utility kilts, jacobite ghillie shirts, harris tweed packs for ladies, kilt streaks, sporns, Sgian Dubh's (a formal blade worn in the sock) and the rundown continues endlessly.

The recently added plaid shop opened to the max three months back.

"From the start we were simply playing with it. It worked out in a good way for the 10% of Scottish stuff that we got here,'' Bill Watters disclosed to The Guardian. "We moved it higher up in the principle store for the colder time of year, at that point we went down here full fledge . . . 99.9 percent of the item in here now is Scottish and Irish.''

They have two providers sending item legitimately from Scotland — things like jams, shortbread treats and kilts – with four Canadian-based Scottish providers.

Vacationers like journey transport travelers have been meandering in so now they're attempting to spread the news to Islanders.

"We have a PC down here. In the event that we have to look something into we do it not too far off with the visitor. This is (a store) the vacationers have been requesting for around four to five years. It's elusive items like this in such an assortment.''

Visitors, as he calls the clients, will frequently get a story alongside their shopping experience.

Perhaps he'll discuss how the heathergem adornments is made legitimately from the wooden portion of a plant, is cleaned, colored, packed and cut into a stone, high finished and put into hoops, arm bands or pendants.

Similarly as with anything in retail, Watters said request will choose whether the plaid shop endures long haul.

"It's unnerving in retail. Do I have the correct item? As we develop, we will have the item that is required and erase the item that doesn't sell well. Same as the principle store. We will put forth a valiant effort.''

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