Instagram Web: Complete guide to use

Posted by Social captain on November 13th, 2020

In this article we will talk about Instagram direct Web Viewer you will find out how except profit for your social.

Instagram , in 2019 brought us incredible new features of the app, from publication, to the ability to create incredible Instagram Stories and the Shopping functionality, to new filters to download and create to keep up with technological progress.

But the news does not end here. Just like for Whatsapp, Instagram is now also usable on the computer. If your mobile is empty or if you are simply tired of using it only on smartphones, here is finally the Instagram Web Viewer.

What is Instagram Web?

Despite this, the social network has spread widely, and is still widely used, as an application for smartphones, Instagram has a web version accessible via any PC browser. Furthermore, Instagram has extensively renewed its web platform recently to try to standardize the experience of the user who decides to use the computer to post or chat through this social network.

Although Instagram is a very dynamic social, totally focused on its mobile app, as anticipated it is possible to access Instagram from a computer very easily.

Instagram has a website, just like Facebook in its beginnings. To log in, simply open the web browser you usually use to surf the Internet and type in the address bar  .

The homepage of the site will show a series of fields to fill in with your registration data. Quietly use the username and password with which you access the smartphone app.

How to use Instagram on the web

Finally, know that if you use MacOS or Windows 10 you can download the official app for your computer, directly on your PC. Even in this case, however, some functions may be limited compared to the mobile.

To use Instagram Web Viewer access your account from your browser. Once logged in, the home page will show you the feed with the latest posts published by the users you follow. On the side, on the right, you will find the stories of your friends published in the last 24 hours.

You can use Instagram Web Viewer both by moving through the contents using the mouse, and with the directional arrows on the keyboard (in this case, however, you can only perform particular actions). By clicking with the mouse on a content you will simulate the tap on the smartphone screen so that, for example, a double click on a user's photo will correspond to the insertion of the like to that content.

You can use Instagram Web Viewer both by moving through the contents using the mouse, and with the directional arrows on the keyboard (in this case, however, you can only perform particular actions). By clicking with the mouse on a content you will simulate the tap on the smartphone screen so that, for example, a double click on a user's photo will correspond to the insertion of the like to that content.

 -Direct, to chat on Instagram from the web;

-Explore section, to find new content or other users;

- Notifications panel;

-Personal profile.

There are currently no buttons that allow you to post on Instagram from a PC. In fact, despite the recent update of the online platform, the social network allows the publication of new content only via the app. But don't worry, there is a way around this problem.

What you can do on Instagram Web

At first glance, Instagram direct web doesn't seem all that different from the smartphone app. You can like, comment on posts, view the stories of users you already follow, you can follow or unfollow other users, you can watch notifications, use chat and explore new content .

If you are wondering what you can do on Instagram for PC, here are the various actions explained in detail :

- Like a post: by double clicking on the content or clicking on the heart under the post;

-Comment a post: by clicking on the speech bubble under the post or by clicking in the field with the item "add a comment". The comment can be entered by typing the message on the keyboard ;

-Share a post: by clicking on the airplane-shaped icon you can directly send or share that content on other social networks;

- View the stories of other users: on the main page, by clicking on the username on the side in the "stories" section. You can also scroll through the stories with the arrow keys on the keyboard. At the moment, however, it is only possible to report the inadequacy of a story, but you cannot comment or react as on the mobile app ;

- Follow / unfollow: by clicking on the "Follow" or " Unfollow " button ;

- Look at the notifications: by clicking on the heart-shaped icon on the right of the top bar;

-Chat with other users: this is an absolute novelty! In fact, this is the most important change introduced by the recent website update. Before it was not possible to exchange messages via the Instagram web .

What can't you do on Instagram direct?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to publish a post or a story . Instagram, probably also to facilitate the use of the social network, has not yet implemented this function. It will only be possible to publish by continuing to use the application for smartphones or tablets.

One of the latest innovations made by Mark Zuckerberg, is to send and receive messages on Instagram which can now also be done via the web. The ability to use Instagram Direct on the web was available, as a test, only to selected users starting last January.

Direct also on Instagram

With this update, all three of the company's messaging services (also including WhatsApp and Messenger) can be used from web browsers.

The web version of Instagram messages, however, lacks some functions: for now it is not possible to search directly from the conversation gifs and stickers or to send voices directly from the chat. These features, for the moment, are only available through the Instagram application for smartphones .

No less important is the possibility of viewing Instagram direct from today also via the Web, and therefore on the PC. There is no official confirmation on this new display mode, but we are sure that many will appreciate it and that this could be an interesting way to establish a relationship that does not necessarily go through mobile.

So what are you waiting for to access the social network from your computer at any time of the day? At work, at home, when you are in the office or at the computer, perhaps when your smartphone is empty. Every occasion and every circumstance will be the most suitable to use one of the most popular social networks in the world directly from the desktop.

Why should you use Instagram Web?

The reasons for using the web version of Instagram are many and very related to the best visualization of the contents rather than the actions to be taken.

Although, it must be said that as specified earlier in this article, almost all the functions present in the App version have now been implemented.

One of the main reasons to use Instagram web is that on this version of the social network it is possible to perform an operation that is now impossible from a smartphone : see the number of likes of a post!

To see the likes of a post on Instagram from the web you simply have to:

Access your profile through ;

Hover over the post you are interested in .

Unlike the App version, both the number of likes per post and the number of comments will appear .

For a long time now, the Instagram app has removed this possibility but it could come in handy on many occasions (perhaps to "spy" on the competition).

Another reason to use the web version of Instagram is related to viewing the photos : in fact, compared to the mobile, you will have the possibility to look at them on a larger screen and they will be much easier to reach (even the very old ones).

Are you tired of "scrolling" your App feed for whole minutes (if that's okay) to get to a very old photo?

With the browser version, reaching even older photos will not be a problem at all.

See the live Instagram from PC

In recent months, Instagram has announced and implemented a new feature that will allow users to watch Instagram direct from a PC , without using a smartphone.

If you are a seasoned user, you know how much battery (and how much data) can download, watch or make a live on Instagram. Instagram has also thought of this , giving its users the possibility of using the web version to watch live broadcasts.

How does it work?

Exactly in the same way as the app version : a notification will notify you when an account you follow starts the live broadcast and you just have to click on the story with the word "live" to watch it .

In the web version of the live Instagram, all the functions of the live on the app, or the ability to comment and interact with the live, with the only difference of being able to watch the contents on a larger screen, perhaps connected to the speakers.

Upcoming Instagram Web News

At this point, the only thing that Instagram Web lacks is stories!

As mentioned, it is not possible to load them from a PC, but only to look at them, but all this makes sense: the stories were born precisely to be made from a mobile phone and to film behind the scenes of people, what sense would it be to load them from a PC?

But it is not excluded that in the future this function may also be introduced by Instagram. The next news is the union of the chats: it seems that it will soon be possible to manage the messages of the three Zuckerberg platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp) in a single place of the app, regardless of the app in which you are.

You did not understand?

I'll give you an example:

soon you will be able to reply to a friend of yours on Messenger directly from Instagram, or vice versa, checking all your mail in one place.

This new option will most likely be launched in the web version of Instagram as well.

For now, we salute you, and thank you for reading our article!

Stay tuned to the Social captain for getting more articles from us and for Instagram services, also buy Instagram followers at legitimate prices.

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