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Posted by william on November 13th, 2020


San Francisco, CA (November 10, 2020) - The XM Token is a type of crypto (cryptocurrency) that has been developed by TRON Blockchain. The super lucrative staking DApp platform has been develop with the aim to stay one step ahead of the other staking platforms that are in use these days. The main aim behind the creation of the XM Token was to help the STAKERS take full control over their finances. Users can earn daily interest on the XM tokens that they have along with a percentage of the TRX that are entered into the Auction Lobby on a daily basis by having the XM tokens and then staking them in the official Staking Portal. The introduction of the XM Token by Metatron is considered to be an important step towards the decentralization of the economy. In fact, one can hope to find DeFi (Decentralized Finance) determining all transactions in the coming future. 

The interesting thing about XM Token introduced by Metatron is that no MAX supply is involved with it and the token price is determined by the buying and selling trends of the markets. From the very beginning, XM was designed and optimized to effectively reward the people who actively participate in the functioning of the platform. The development of XM token has been greatly influenced by the ideas that contributed to the creation of the other previous staking platforms. However, XM token has gone one step ahead in returning 50% of the TRX tokens that have been introduced into the day to day Lobby Auctions. The Yield Farming Platform operated by Metatron also produces additional 50% of TRON which includes numerous TRON Tokens that can be used by all the stakers. This makes XM Token one of the best lucrative cryptocurrency staking platforms that are out there. 

The great thing about the XM Token is that it works as a great alternative to traditional bank CDs (Certificates of Deposit). It has also been crafted to ensure optimum speed for all users. This means that users won’t need to wait for long hours to make sure that their transactions have been confirmed. Additionally the users also do not need to spend any high transaction fees while using the XM Token. This means that users are going to benefit the most when they make transactions with XM Token. 

About Metatron's XM Token
Metatron's XM Token is a fast and hassle-free cryptocurrency token that can be generated to ensure the best experience for the end users. 

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