Getting Back Behind the Wheel with Hand Controls for Cars

Posted by webteam on April 11th, 2014

Those unfortunate enough to be disabled are no longer in a position to experience the things they have been taking for granted, as opposed to those who were born with disability and haven’t even had the opportunity of experiencing so many things. One can only imagine how horrible this sensation is, along with a number of things someone who’s condemned to live in a wheelchair will no longer be capable of doing. Independence is another concern, since not being competent of doing what you want whenever you choose to, can have psychological consequences in the long run. We’ve grown accustomed to coming and going as we please, but once you’re facing permanent disability, there is a lack of freedom. Even a simple thing such as a trip to the supermarket may turn out to be an arduous task which requires a thorough preparation. Activities that once seemed effortless are starting to appear extremely challenging to perform.

Hand controls for cars are something which is seldom discussed. Provided you're not disabled, there’s a good chance you haven't even heard of them. Even if you are faced with disability, it’s still possible you are not familiar with the details. Unfortunately, driving is certainly an issue for those who are disabled, considering that fully functional legs are needed in order for the foot pedals to be pressed. For the majority of those who are suffering from disability, driving is yet another thing they’re deprived of doing. While it may seem that all those things you have been taking for granted are gone forever, such as the possibility of travelling whenever you fell like it, there’s still a considerable chance for improving your quality of life.

Hand controls for cars enable those incapable of driving, to operate their vehicles once again after they have purchased and installed the controls. With the help of a rather straightforward mechanism, thanks to which the foot pedals are no longer necessary for driving, the hand controls for the pedals are situated close to the steering wheel, granting you a simple access. This allows the less competent ones to get back behind their steering wheels and gain their independence. Thanks to electronic accelerators which are easily adjustable, you will not only gain more control over acceleration, but pushing the gas will require minimal effort on your part.

Due to the absence of mechanical rods, the look of your vehicle’s interior will not be jeopardized and neither will the access. The design of some hand controls can even enhance the look of your vehicle, and due to their unobtrusive appearance, other drivers will be capable of driving it without any disturbance. In case your main concern is safety, you can rest assured since hand controls are generally approved by leading vehicle manufacturers. Another useful feature is the fact they are quickly attachable and removable and can even be used in another vehicle. Owing to their capacity to accommodate various types of disability, individuals with disabilities or handicaps will benefit from purchasing them.

Founded in the early 1950’s in Italy, Guidosimlex has grown to have dealers in over fifty countries worldwide and has since become the largest supplier of vehicle hand controls in the world. Guidosimplex Hand controls for cars has been tested and approved by:  General Motors (GM), Volkswagen, Renault, and Fiat. No other hand controls manufacturer has been approved by so many different car manufacturers worldwide. For more information visit or contact us via 888-599-8267

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