Why And How Should You Use Videos On Your eCommerce Website?

Posted by Mike on November 16th, 2020

The online world has become a significant competitive field for emergent businesses and established ones alike. It is not just about having a loyal customer base and generating repeat traffic any more. It is about seizing customers from competition, guaranteeing new traffic each day, and getting higher sales every month.

About two decades ago, there were almost not any eCommerce sites around, and the ones that created were simple online stores. Today, eCommerce Development Dubai is all the rage online, and with the competition, it has become essential to develop new strategies to fetch the desired sales. Videos can be an effective strategy in eCommerce website design to grab more customers and hence more sales.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss why you should use videos on your eCommerce site. Also, you will get to know how you can use them to get more advantages. So, continue reading the article!

Reasons Why Your eCommerce Website Needs To Have Videos:

Here are some reasons why videos are an essential part of the eCommerce website design:

  • More Search Traffic: 

Any online business requires search visibility to live on, something which is determined by SEO. And recently, search engines such as Google are rewarding such websites that incorporate videos rather than having plain text.

This way, adding a video on your site means that you have a better opportunity of ranking your site higher on search engines.

  • Better Word-Of-Mouth Publicity:

Video and image sharing is a single significant feature of Facebook, which shows that people are more likely to share an interesting video than plain text. And, the more your video is shared, the more word-of-mouth publicity you attain. 

Word-of-mouth publicity always brings surety for better branding and more customers. This is another key reason why videos are an essential part of the eCommerce website design.

  • Better Convincing Power:

You often hear, "Images speak a thousand words". But did you know that videos speak around a million words? 

Yes, an interesting video about a product can convince the customers about the usability and suppress any doubts or concerns they may have before buying it. In other words, videos added on an eCommerce website also end up with higher conversion rates.

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement :

As we have said earlier that videos are always more engaging than written or spoken text, it is all about engaging the users in this competitive online world. Watching a video is a less tiring task than reading the whole text on a website. 

This is why videos should be incorporated into an eCommerce site. Nevertheless, better engagement always means brand loyalty and a better opportunity for boosting sales conversions.

  • Improved ROI And Decreased Costs:

Another reason for using videos on an eCommerce website is that videos have a higher ROI than any other sort of online marketing. What you want more than the falling costs of video production and updating content on your site? 

Remember that such processes are getting automated these days, which makes them less labor-intensive which means less expensive.

How To Use Videos Effectively On An eCommerce Website?

After knowing the importance of videos in eCommerce website design, you will be now ready to understand how to use them effectively. No worries at all and let us tell you the best ways through which you can use videos on your website and get maximum benefits. 

  • Tell A Product Story With Engaging Videos:

It is one of the best ways to tell a product story to your customers. Try to make engaging storytelling videos by highlighting the product history, manufacturing process, key features, benefits, and many other critical aspects. It will give a complete overview of a product. 

  • Prefer Using Videos On Product Pages To Wow Visitors:

If you are thinking about the best place to use videos, there are product pages. Yes, they are the most recommended places to put videos on an eCommerce website. This way, when visitors come to your product pages, amazing videos will engage them with your products, increasing the chances of making purchases. 

  • Build Credibility With Videos Testimonials:

Yes, it is also true that you build credibility for your eCommerce business if you use to share your previous customers’ reviews through video content.

Summing Up!

Now, you have known the importance of video content in eCommerce website design. So, start making exciting videos related to your products and business and use them in the ways mentioned above to get more benefits. Hence, if you need help in this matter, you can contact Adweb Studio Dubai, a well-known eCommerce development company. 

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