If you do the wow classic gold cthun mechanics

Posted by limmzhou on November 19th, 2020

It is possible to practice for kt's difficulty spike by allowing a couple little cthun eyes fully channel each wave. If you do the wow classic gold cthun mechanics well you'll do good on kt tho.

It took us two weeks, we wiped a whole lot on Twin Emps since our warlocks didn't acquire enough shadow resist. After we fixed that we shot them and like 2 shot Cthun. Visidus was 3 months as a result of consumes.

Yeah I hope my father guild that obtained around position 60 kills (first week) on Twins/Cthun is great enough to clean Naxx fast. I dont want to waste much time on it.It feels crazy to simply ruin C'thun when back in vanilla I hardly cleared MC by TBC release. The two guilds on my server looked like gods when they finally downed him.

wow classic gold blew by really quickly. Up to now build up and now it's almost over.

Yeah, makes you wonder if anything of note has happened between when the game launched in 2019 and now in the world.You believe you would like the buy gold classic wow current wow devs making new wow classic gold content, but you dont.

Considering TBC is where the retail rot started (heroics, dailies, flying mounts, one designated town for all the high level players, arena being the only form of PvP that matters, class homogenization), I'd rather take my chances of wow classic gold+ than TBC.

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