The Five Main Ingredients of UX

Posted by Sudha Solutions on November 19th, 2020

User experience design is a procedure that is very similar to doing science! A UX designer must start by researching the intended users, coming up with simplified ideas to solve the user's problem, satisfying the business's needs, and building delightful and measurable solutions.

The best design studios in India should have UX designer that always maintain these five items in their mind: psychology, usability, design, copywriting, and analysis.

1.  Psychology

UXers use abstract thoughts and feelings a great deal; they could make or break the results. And the designer at any of the best design studios in India should be willing to occasionally dismiss their psychology and ensure there is no personal bias creeping in the solution.

Question yourself:

• What's the consumer's motivation to be here primarily?

• How much work does the consumer need to do to get what they need?

• Are you presuming users understand something they have no prior knowledge about?

• Is this something that they wish to do?  Why?  How frequently?

• Are you currently considering the consumer's needs and desires, or your own?

2. Usability

If consumer psychology is mainly unconscious, usability is particularly conscious.

Question yourself:

• Can you get the work done with less input from the consumer?

• Are there some consumer mistakes you could stop?

• Are you currently working with the consumer's assumptions or against them?

• Have you supplied everything the user should know?

3. Design

The dilemma that your design is less artistic than other UX designers is always going to creep in. This is particularly true when you are working at one of the best design studios in India. In UX, the design is the cornerstone, and it is something that can be proven. Personal opinions can be cast away by a good UX design.

Question yourself:

• Can users believe it looks great?  Can they trust it instantly?

• Can the design convey the function and purpose with no words?

• Can the design reflect the brand?

• Can the design direct the consumer's eyes to the correct places? 

• Do clickable things appear different than non-clickable items?

  • Is the design good enough to accommodate specially-abled users with vision problems?

4. Copywriting

There's a big difference between composing a new brand copy (text) and composing UX copy.  Brand copy affirms the values and worth of the company. UX copy, on the other hand, works to get things done straightforwardly. 

Question yourself:

• Does it inspire the consumer to finish their objective?

• Is your largest piece of text the essential text?

• Can it educate the consumer, or does it presume that they understand?

• Can it be clear, direct, simple, and practical?

5. Analysis

Even in the best UI UX agency in India, most designers' weak area is analysis. But we can fix this!  The analysis is the primary factor that separates UX from other design kinds, making you incredibly valuable. It is in your best interest to be good at research.

Thus, ask yourself:

• Are you searching for abstract remarks or objective facts?

• Would you understand why users perform a particular action, or are you currently interpreting their behavior?

• How are you going to measure this?  Do you measure the ideal behavior?

  • Are you expecting bad results? If not, why?
  • How can this analysis be used to make further improvements?

Bottom Line

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