What do the Ofsteds look for in an Ofsted Inspection?

Posted by Drb Schools and Academies on November 19th, 2020

How will the teachers plan for it instead of panicking?Let's find out the answer to these questions that people usually try to avoid.

You can also log on to www.drbschoolsandacademieservices.co.uk and find answers to all questions relevant to the preparation of the Ofsted Inspection. You just need to be well trained, striving for an excellent ranking from the Ofsted.

Don't fluster yourself when the Ofsteds come knocking at your door. Please do the following as a guide for your inspection:

 Make sure that you update your website on a regular basis. Don't have any second thoughts on this because it works best to frame your first opinion.

 Don't get intimate while you're recording.

 Prepare your ASP data in such a way as to provide information about where your students are and what progress they have achieved. Also still search for data that shows improvement

 Make sure you make them see your weaknesses as your strengths. Also if you excel in doing this professional, make sure that you do it in your personal life as well.

 Speak to students and other teacher colleagues about your well-being. The Ofsteds are keen to know how the school staff are really doing.

 The Headmaster or Principal of the School must ensure that the staff is well matched and that they follow the same direction. Often you always take a note of something fishy. Honestly, continuity of thinking and trust is what they're looking for in every inspection. So make sure you give it to them.

 Prepare a booklet outlining what the institution is doing to protect and protect children, along with a consistent labeling and continuity of feedback policy.

 You will also be asked whether you have a particular material or package designed to speak about your Behavioral Policy.

 Ofsteds still focus on the School Improvement Plan (SIP) and the School Assessment Form (SEF). Make sure that you regard SEF as a real working document that you update on a weekly basis rather than filling it out once a year. This makes it easier for you to receive a non-so-horrifying call from the Ofsteds about their arrival.

 In the case of SIP, the Ofsteds are pleased by the fact that the Senior Teachers and School Leaders know every detail about the SIP.

You must prepare for Ofsted Inspection, but make sure that you are genuinely preparing it for the good of the School and not only to impress the Ofsteds. As Headmaster/Headmaster, you need to understand where the gaps lie and what steps are needed to close those gaps.

It's not just a part of preparing for Ofsted Inspection, where you're really working on keeping all the records updated. Make sure you carry discipline to your school and keep up-to-date with all the records on a daily basis and there are no holes. Put the school's safeguard policies and activities into effect for the good of pupils, rather than a section in the journal, only to be shown to the parents and the offspring.

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