What is the difference between a gun license and a gun permit?

Posted by PTP Gun on November 19th, 2020

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Personal security is an important thing for everyone in today’s time. If you fear of some attacks on you, it is good to carry a firearm for your protection. However, it is not easy to get license and permits for the firearms. You need to understand the legal aspects before possessing a firearm. Not knowing the law properly will drag you into legal troubles. Such law is complex, and thus it is wise to avoid such hassles. Many people get confused with the concepts of permit and license for the guns. What is the difference between them? In this article, you can read the differences between them.

What Is Gun License?

Typically, a license is granted by a government authority. A person or organization gets a license to conduct certain activities within the law and order of the state. By acquiring a license, you give consent that you want to follow law and order of the state with the highest regard. For example, you can think about driving license. Having this license gives you the power to drive a car. At the same time, you get the license by accepting that you shall follow all the traffic rules carefully. The same thing is applicable for gun license. If you want to possess a gun, you have to acquire a gun license from the state’s firearm regulatory body.

What Is a Gun Permit?

An official permit is required, when you want to practice something that is prohibited or restricted by the law and order of the state. For example, carrying firearm in certain areas may be prohibited. However, state has provisions for exceptions. You can attain a permit from the state to carry the firearm in a prohibited area. However, you have to qualify for the terms and conditions for attaining the permit.

Gun License and Permits

For a gun permit, you should hold a gun license. Without having a license, you would not get gun permit in a restricted area. The gun license has been given for specific types of firearms. If you want to possess an advanced firearm, you need to have a permit. In that case, you should apply for the permit before the concerned authorities. It has to be remembered that license and permit are time bound. License needs to be renewed typically after a few years. Permits often come with a shorter validity. However, there are also some permits with long-term validity.

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