Toned Down Furniture that still Brings Life

Posted by Saeed129 on April 12th, 2014

A house is not just the four walls that you live inside. Everything you put inside it gives it character and presence of its own. Furniture greatly influences the ambience of a room. You have to choose your pieces wisely so that they reflect who you are and not what everyone else buys to fill their space.

Changing from the norm is important sometimes. For those that prefer quiet yet elegant furniture then shabby chic furniture is a good option. Your old furniture doesn’t have to go to waste or get thrown out. Take it out and liven it up a little. Paint it a new colour or change the upholstery.

The beauty about an old piece of furniture is that it always maintains its character and stands out without distracting your attention from the other pieces. Though contradictory, it blends in but doesn’t disappear in the crowd.

A house without a mirror leaves people somewhat blinded to their own beauty as they primp and prime the furniture. It brightens up a room especially if it is well lit. Having a mirror in such a way that you can actually clean up and make yourself presentable is great. A mirrored dressing table serves this purpose.

You will be able to have all your beauty products in one place since they usually have drawers. It becomes easier to assemble and find them. Sitting down to the privacy of a mirrored dressing table gives you confidence to try out any beauty regime of your choice until you get the perfect mix.

Once you are done with your beauty needs move to the next part of the house. You can never really have enough storage space. The options are usually a chest of drawers made of wood all through. How about spicing this up as well and giving it a natural country feel? Wicker storage qualifies as natural.

You can have a chest of wicker baskets instead of having wooden drawers. The frame and shelves should still be made of wood to keep it firm and stable. The wicker baskets go on the shelves and you should be able to pull them out.

The beauty about wicker storage is that you can paint the baskets any colour you want. Get them looking livelier by wrapping some ties around them in fabric of any colour. Lovers of bows and colour can accessorize with these and use more colourful fabric.

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