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Posted by Vanessa Wannemaker on November 19th, 2020

  Hello!   An image is something which will tell you about you with no words and help you get in contact with your dialogue partner more fast. This way you'll be discovered more quickly. However, clearly, you should be comfortable inside. So you have to take your activities, your tastes into account. However, what kind of stylistic background you prefer is"dictated" by the structure of the face: large, proportional characteristics make it possible to love classics, little features, faces and moving facial expressions, round eyes"send" to another fashion. With every new person, this is a complete layer of individual work. There simply can't be two equal solutions .

My job is to help the customer quickly and easily find and pick the best offer, prices and qualities. My workplace is https://warenza.de/. This can be a multifunctional service for hunting for products in online stores and comparing prices. It includes various product categories, for example: home and garden furniture and jewellery, clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry for men and women and much more.

I have two qualifications - clothes designer and interior designer. For a long time I had been involved in decorating shop windows and stores, and clothing was my favorite hobby. I began ordering things for myself in the atelier in 15 years back. I was addicted to the choice of items for certain kinds. Following a year, I realised that there was no requirement to use type systems, which many stylists function on. There are different systems: somewhere people choose their design based on their height, weight and build, somewhere they rely on color types, somewhere they just show their customers what they enjoy and concentrate on the finished images. But this sets certain limitations and doesn't permit us to work with every individual. I believe people are able to wear all colors, just a few are much better off not putting them near their faces. Also, you can't pick up clothes based on some type of figure - the exact same"apple" or"pear". Everything is based upon the brand and also the shape. Sometimes people find things that are categorically prohibited by the type system to match perfectly.

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