Online Portfolio Websites: All that You Need to Know on Photo Portfolios

Posted by GeorgeVelvet on April 12th, 2014

The recent advent of a myriad of online portfolio websites can be said to have resulted from a stringent demand for a professional online presence. More and more people are driven towards creating a free online portfolio in order to accentuate their professional presence.

Almost all online portfolios are geared towards expanding on the professional resources and bringing more and more opportunities to the portfolio owners. One of the most important genres of professionalism where creation of a portfolio is not just advisable, but is also a necessity of sorts, is photography.

One of the finest marriages between technology and creativity, photography has to be a homogeneous blend of skill and technique. Portfolios that reflect the same attribute of photography are often the ones that rank among the top performing portfolios. Here are some of the most basic features and facts about photography portfolios that are likely to come handy for first-timers.

A Brief Overview

A photography portfolio is a collection of some of the best clicks of a photographer that have been attractively collated to let a larger audience peep into the work. A portfolio for a photo artist is slightly different in purpose from a gallery. While the gallery is meant to draw the attention of the world at large to the pictures of the photo artist, the portfolio is purely professional in purpose. It is meant to bag more and more professional assignments through the online portfolio websites.

Relevance of Photography Portfolios 

The relevance of photo portfolios in the current situation has more to do with a professional online presence of the photographers. With most of the photo artists registering an online presence, it has become extremely easy and in a way convenient for the employers to find the right professionals for the job. This is where the portfolio comes in handy for the photo artists. The employers not only find the relevant persons for the job, but also find all the necessary samples in the genres that they are looking for.

In most of the cases for freelancers, the portfolio serves as the first round of the interview. In the interview for photographers, one of the most important things that the interviewer decides on is the sample pictures in the free online portfolio.

What Makes a Compelling Photo Portfolio?

Experts often tend to vary in their views relating to what should make it to the portfolios and what should be safely excluded. But the unanimous opinion that most experts have on portfolios is that only the best works of the photo artists should make it to the portfolios. Again, it is worth remembering that not all the photos clicked in one’s lifetime should make it to the online portfolio.

The photos that signify the most recent significant clicks of the photographer are ideally the ones that should be incorporated in the portfolio of the artist. Another important consideration should be to include different photographs from all the different genres of photography like fashion, travel, food, wild life and the like. All in all, the portfolios created by the online portfolio websites should not be monotonous in any regard.                 

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