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Posted by GeorgeVelvet on April 12th, 2014

The humongous and heterogeneous availability of portfolio web designer firms has translated into more and more people opting to have a professional online presence through their portfolios. Or maybe the increasing demand for graphic designers portfolio has resulted in the sprouting of so many portfolio designers. Whichever way it is, the online portfolio business is on a boom.

In order to create a compelling free online portfolio, it is important to find the right web designer. While there are web designers are available galore these days, not all them can be considered to be of an equal expertise. Here are some of the most important and often indispensable parts that the designers are expected to include in the portfolios of their clients.

The Introductory Part

As many freelancers are greatly dependent on their portfolios in order to bag good projects, it is important for introductory part of the portfolio to be a compelling one. The introduction part is also vulnerable because this is the part where chances to commit errors are the highest. One of the commonest mistakes freelancing professionals, or sometimes even rookie designers make is to list their age in the introduction.

An experienced portfolio web designer would never advise a client to supply age in the introduction of the portfolio. If someone at the start of the career lists their age, it could simply mean that the person is inexperienced. Many a time, this could translate into a blatant rejection.    

Highlighting Important Projects

Once the employers are impressed through the introduction and choose to continue with the portfolio, it is important that they are given a glimpse into the professional achievements of the portfolio owner. While it is important to mention a number of projects that are relevant to the work of the professional, it has to be noted that only the key projects are to be highlighted in the portfolio. This is where a professional portfolio falls at loggerheads with the traditional resume.

Methodology of Work

Employers also want to know the method of working adopted by people they are about to recruit. One of the greatest distinctions of good graphic designers portfolio is that they are bluntly true about the methodology that the portfolio owner employs. If the person works as a member of a team, the portfolio states that. If he has led teams on most of the occasions, the portfolio does not hide that too.    

Links to Blogs

One of the most important things that the portfolio can do is guide the visitors to blogs of the owner. The effect that well written blogs can have on even the toughest of employers need not be explained. Blogs often provide the deeper insight that many a time forms the pre-requisite to landing a great job.   

Other Forms of Online Presence

One of the most important things that the portfolio does is that it guides the visitor the other social platforms where the portfolio owner has a presence. Once they find the link to these professional profiles, they can easily find more information on the candidate. This is something that a good portfolio web designer will never miss out from doing.  

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