Virtues that Separate a Quality Free Portfolio Website from Just another Digital

Posted by GeorgeVelvet on April 12th, 2014

A free portfolio website is often just the start that budding freelancers need to give a healthy start to their career. People now have the option of choosing from numerous free online portfolio sites that have the potential of designing professional and intuitive websites for their clients.

There are several virtues that you should look for in a digital agency as a client. Here are a few of the most important ones that separate all good portfolio designing companies from the mediocre ones.

Experience in Portfolio Designing

As in most of the jobs, experience can make a huge difference between two online companies that deal in free portfolio designing. While a newbie in the business is just looking to learn the tricks of the trade, an experienced campaigner can be expected to make the real difference when it comes to creating a market and target-audience friendly portfolio. The experienced companies can also be expected to know all the latest skills in the creation of portfolios. Besides, an experienced free portfolio website will know what sells best in context to the client they are dealing with.

Sample Portfolios by the Company   

One of the best ways of determining the verity of the company is to ask for sample portfolios from the company. A sample portfolio should be able to best describe what the company does in conformity with the genre that the client is looking for. This could be in anything – photography, writing, modeling or digitization.

How Varied are the Services offered by the Company?

One of the worst feelings that clients can have in the creation of portfolios is to run to different digital agencies in search of different services. It can be a real bottle neck for the client if the company entrusted with portfolio designing handles only one part of the entire job. What this means for the client is that he will have to find someone or the other that has a greater expertise in the fields that are left out. This often translates into more expenditure for the clients.

It is best if the free online portfolio sites handle the different facets of portfolio designing like adding graphics, doing the flash work, writing content consorting to the requirement of the client. A real cherry on the cake would be if the company handles the SEO part in addition to the creation of portfolios.

Competitive Pricing

Budget is something that most clients want to have a close look at when dealing with digital agencies. Good news for the clients here is that the companies that are the best in the business offer a free trial to their clients. The clients go in for the paid feature of the portfolio only when they are satisfied with the quality of the services.

After Delivery Maintenance

This is again something that separates the best digital agencies from the seconds in the race. The best companies that create free portfolio website offer an extended period of support to their clients, often at no or negligible cost. This also very often distinguishes good companies from the incompetent ones.  

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