Benefits that Come with Online Portfolios Free of Cost

Posted by GeorgeVelvet on April 12th, 2014

Since websites have started creating online portfolios free of cost, more and more people have started creating personalized portfolios. The advent of free online portfolios has enabled an increasing population of professionals to display their professional achievements at the larger platform.

While having an online portfolio has become a sheer necessity, it is also important that the creation of the portfolio is nothing less than immaculate for the portfolio to be of any significant use to the owner.

One of the most important things that are to be understood while creating a portfolio is that a portfolio is less a resume and more a dynamic expression of one’s professional self. Here are some of the most important pointers, which if followed well, are bound to bring rewards to the owner.     

Difference between Portfolio and Resume    

There area host of considerations that are to be made while creating an online portfolio. Among them, the first thing that needs to be considered is that a portfolio should not be seen as just another resume. For that matter, there is a thin line and huge difference between a portfolio and a resume. While a resume describes each and every job, a portfolio need not necessarily do that.

A portfolio on the other hand, highlights only the significant and more importantly career defining roles. It thus becomes important to supply only the choicest projects to the online portfolio free designing company. These are the projects that are likely to impress the employers the most.  

What makes an Effective Portfolio

If the portfolio has to serve any real purpose, it is important that the overall design and look of it be so effective that it becomes hard for employers to reject it. The best portfolios have an obligating introductory page at right at the start. This becomes all the more important if the portfolio belongs to a freelance professional. This is the part that in most cases arouses the interest of employers in the portfolio.

Another important facet of free online portfolios is to have the right mix of written content and graphic illustrations in them. Many people make the mistake of complicating the portfolio with multifarious features. It is important to remember that the portfolios are meant to impress and not to entertain.

For Every Good Portfolio, There are Dozens of Mediocre Ones

The popularity that portfolios, especially the online ones have achieved in the recent years is hard to pen down in words. An unimaginable number of people have online portfolios currently. This is what makes the competition all the more difficult. Thus, it is important to have a portfolio that not only suits the need of the profession, but also stands out in the crowd.  

Reward for Originality

As in all spheres of life, there is always a reward for originality in the creation of online portfolios free of any cost. Mindless imitation of templates from other portfolios is perhaps one of the commonest causes of getting rejected by employers. A good digital portfolio designer will always ensure that the portfolio of the client scores full marks on originality.

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